Davos Real Estate Group Introduces the Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group is part of the Davos Financial Group. The institution is led by David Osio who serves as the president and chief executive officer. Just recently, the real estate company released a statement to its investors in different parts of the globe, announcing that it was going to introduce a mobile application known as Davos CAP Calculator.

David Osio and his team are very excited about the new invention, and they are hoping to make a difference in the lives of the investors. The application will offer the consumers several benefits. First of all, the investors will be able to purchase different types of properties in the United States. The real estate company wants to give the investors an opportunity to invest in the industry in a variety of ways.

The Davos CAP Calculator was developed by a qualified team of experts who have been in the industry for a long time. The team’s primary focus was to meet all the needs of the modern consumers. The professionals have been in the industry for a long time, and they understand the needs of the customers, and they offer advice on real estate issues like rent, sales, development, mortgages, and investments. If a client has any legal considerations, then the experts are responsible for giving the expertise needed.

David Osio is the founder and leader of the Davos Financial Group of Companies. The finance executive has a diverse portfolio, and this is one of the reasons he has managed to be so successful in his career. He has the knowledge to reduce some of the risks that are associated with investments in the real estate industry, how to increase profits and helping the investors in starting profitable portfolios on their own.

The successful finance executive has managed to start several successful ventures that have transformed the lives of many people. David Osio has different businesses in different parts of the globe, and they are all doing well because of his expertise. His ability to adjust strategies and maintain very profitable investments has also played a huge role in his current success.

Apart from being a successful finance executive, David Osio is respected for his philanthropic activities. Because he has earned a lot of money in the past, he uses some of his wealth to support charitable causes in the society. He has managed to start different charities to help children and other vulnerable individuals in the community.

Doe Deere Proves that You Can Achieve Your Dream

The ability and chance to express yourself is of every growing popularity in today’s modern age. People are becoming more open and accepting that the way they see the world is not how other’s see it. Due to this, the corporate world that tells people how to dress and how to look is starting shift. The companies that are thriving are basing products on what the consumer wants to look like, not what the companies want the consumers to buy.
Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line, has listened to consumers and their wants, and it making products for the ones who want to be heard loud and clear. This product line created make-up for the expressive and creative. With shades that seem inspired by every color in the rainbow, the boldness only stops with the buyer’s imagination. Bright and vibrant hues break the tradition of make-up that is worn to look natural. These products will scream out against boring beige and shy shades.

The founder of this company, Doe Deere, created this line because of her own desire for expression through cosmetics. Originally from Russia but brought into adulthood in New York City, she knows the minds of young women and what they want, globally. As a former musician, self expression was in her nature, it just took some imagination and entrepreneurial savvy to create a company that would show the women of the world that they can be bold with their make-up, hair, and clothes.

She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology after coming to America to be a musician. She met her husband in the band, and he constantly encourages her to go after her dreams.

Doe loves to express herself with clothes and make-up. Just as her emotions and life changes, so do her styles and hair color. From orange to pink to blue, her bold choices of hair are a reflection of how she feels. Doe feels that something like outward appearance should never be subdued because the trend of the culture is to have a neutral pallet. If you want to have vibrant purple lips and blazing orange hair, Doe not only thinks you should be able, but will encourage and provide you the means to do so.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime’s philosophy is to be bold and colorful, from deep red to shouting purple, express yourself.

IAP Worldwide Services Commits to Providing Quality Services to its Customers

IAP Worldwide Services has been serving clients for more than five decades and continues to serve them with pride and dedication. IAP’s personnel are committed to providing timely help and services to unexpected occurrences irrespective of the situation. From natural disasters to man induced war, IAP provides experienced field specialists and advanced technology for containing diverse, complex problems. IAP’s field experts have extensive experience in dealing with different logistical and technical challenges. At IAP Worldwide Services, professional experts commit to providing reliable solutions to any logistical and technological problems.

The Ultimate Solution for All Your Problems

The mission of IAP Worldwide Services is to make your goal theirs. IAP commits towards delivering innovative services and exceptional results to meet specific customer needs. IAP’s field specialists devote a significant of their practice and do not rest until a task is completed successfully. At IAP Worldwide Services, they take pride in providing reliable solutions not only to meet but exceed customer expectations on kayescholer.com. With state of the art technology and expertise in mission support, IAP Worldwide Services provides essential mission support to the U.S. Defense of Department

IAP Worldwide Services leverages its expertise and technological advancement on prnewswire.com in delivering its services around the globe. As such, they examine the potential impact of a project before it is implemented. Furthermore, IAP constructs LEED-certified buildings to ensure that natural resources are utilized efficiently. IAP’s projects managers always ensure that their projects are friendly to the environment. Interestingly, IAP Worldwide Services’ workforce commits to an unmatched mission in the industry; thus ranking it among the leading service providers to government and civilian agencies.

About IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services not only commits to preserving the environment but also invests heavily to society. In joining force with the United Way of Brevard, IAP Worldwide Services invests heavily in community and participates in several public projects. Currently, IAP Worldwide Services operates in more than 25 countries. IAP Worldwide Services has employed over 2000 employees and continues to add more expertise to its team. If you are looking for qualified specialists to assists you in handling various technical and logistical challenges, IAP Worldwide Services is the place to be.

Source: https://www.iapws.com/

Mike Baur and his Swiss Startup factory gets a New Addition

One of the people that founded Leonteq announced that he would be joining the Swiss Startup Factory. He comes in as an advisor to people who are interested in establishing their presence in the market. There have been others who have left the day to day finance business and joined a more promising outfit. Two years ago, Michael Hartweg gave up his role at Leonteq, and has since proceeded to even sell out his shares at the company. He is interested in coaching both owners and founders of companies that invest in the Fintech business.

The owner of the Swiss Startup is Mike Baur. He founded the company mainly because he wanted to support youthful entrepreneurs that had an interest in digital technology. The process of getting assimilated into the business will be gradual for the new addition, Hartweg. He will invest in the various setups that are found within the company. He is also supposed to pinpoint the investments that will be beneficial for other investors and help the investors through the process of developing their investments.

Another service that Baur and SSF will be rolling out in the near future is the accelerator program. This will be mainly focusing on the Fintech companies. These are all efforts that Baur is making to ensure that his company is the most productive and useful that it can be to the people that have invested in it.

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the founder and the current principal at the Swiss Startup factory. He has been working in the Swiss banking sector for more than two decades now. This has given him all the experience and skill that he needed before branching out and starting his own company. He has been in charge of the financing and raising funds that support the SSF

The SSF is an accelerator that was founded in 2014. It is based in Zurich and is always looking for startups that and digital entrepreneurs that are doing great in their fields of specialty. They provide the most exciting opportunities for their candidates, who come from the world over. The programs that have been put in place by Baur run for three months. during this time, the investor receives coaching, mentoring, a network of entrepreneurs and if needed even office space where the person can set up and start looking for ways to reach their goals. The business model has helped many get out of their way, overcome their insecurities and win at investing.

Doe Deere is an Inspiration to Many

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Leadership is not about ruling with an iron fist and leaving no room for mistakes. To Doe Deere, it is all about commanding respect among your subjects in a subtle way. Her leadership skills have helped her to create a peaceful environment in her beauty firm. According to her, beauty is all about what feels great at the moment. She guides her employees in every quest to impact positivism in people’s lives through cosmetics.

Doe Deere’s journey to success in an industry that is crowded did not come on a silver platter. She has to sweat for it. Her future began to take shape after she got several clients from her eBay account. At this time, she used to model herself to attract them. She traces her success back to her sewing days, which formed a crucial part of her inspiration to join the industry. She finally came up with a business idea that gave birth to Lime Crime in 2008.

Doe Deere’s typical day at work involves several activities. First, she goes to a quick meeting with her director to reflect and evaluate the performance of their products in the market. She then goes for a quick chat with the company’s President and Vice President. She acknowledges that sometimes she feels overwhelmed with the increased number of meetings. She also spends a lot of time on the phone while in the office to answer several business emails.

When asked how she comes up with mind-blowing products, Doe Deere says that she does this through inspiration. She often waits for such inspirations for months and years. Her intuitive understanding of her brand and market trends has always made her very productive as an entrepreneur.

Doe Deere encourages women to show their true self and explore whatever they want in the beauty industry. Her brand Lime Crime features beauty products that are considered by many as bold. The company’s products draw inspiration from live journal. The company started with a few eyelashes and brushes. With increased focus on e-commerce, Lime Crime gained popularity to become one of the best cosmetic companies in the United States. Lime Crime currently has local stores spread across the country. The company recently released a new chain of products to add to its already overflowing store. The company brags of several customers originating from different parts of the world.

Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, she grew up in New York City. Her childhood was full of creativity that revolved around beauty. She was never afraid to show the world her potential. She used to participate in several beauty contests.

Doe Deere has been named as one of the top inspiring businesswomen in the country. Young women and men look up to her for inspiration. Doe Deere is available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Importance Of Thorough Research

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One of the most important things to do for any company in any industry is to research that company. The same could be said for anyone that is looking for an event planning company in NYC. Now, when people think about research, they think word of mouth is good enough for event planners in NYC. While word of mouth can give an indication on the quality of the event planner, it should not be the sole indicator of the quality of the event planning company, especially with the availability of the internet when it comes to looking for information.

There are a lot of things that go into researching a company. For one thing, it is important to know the history of the company. It is not just enough to hear about all the good word of mouth. It is also important for people to check out the different clients that have less than glowing reviews. There are some reviews that are worth reading because they go into the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the company. It is not necessarily a negative review. As a matter of fact, some of the most positive reviews go into some of the weaknesses of the company as well. One could also look into the history of the company.

Now a company with a great history and reputation is 23 Layers. They show a great track record for not only pleasing their clients, but they also show that they are one of the most creative types of event planners. They also show a lot of joy and professionalism in their work. They are also willing to consult the client when they come up with something that they believe will be a better idea than original. Given their experience in the industry, 23 Layers does show that it is in touch with what guests would want from an event.

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Financial Success

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NexBank has promised a $50 million dollar loan to assist the Affordable Housing Loan Program for low income homebuyers in the Dallas, Texas area. In addition, NexBank has partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to provide financial counseling services to prospective homeowners. Title fees and closing costs are also reduced by up to $2,000.00 for individuals working with NexBank affiliates. NexBank is working diligently to increase mortgage lending ability for needy families.

NexBank specializes in mortgage, commercial, investment, and personal consumer financial needs. Commercial banking offers many services such as; commercial and commercial real estate lending, credit services, agency service, and treasury management. Mortgage banking helps meet warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending needs. Investment banking offers mergers and acquisition advisory services, corporate finance support, recapitalization and restructuring advisory services, operations and real estate advisory, as well as industry coverage.

When NexBank is utilized as an individual or business’s financial institution then they become their client. NexBank has a client approach culture of care. Becoming a client means becoming NexBank’s top priority. Meeting and exceeding client’s financial needs has been the culture of care for NexBank for over 100 years, helping achieve both personal and business financial success!

Securus launches an Innovative Video Visitation Services

Many families are devastated by the news that their loved ones ending up serving time in prison or jails. This is even harder for couples who are married or even worse raising a kid. Traveling to and from jail for the family can be quite costly and a time-consuming affair.


Most kids with parents in prisons or jails are forced up to grow without the love or care of a parent. They only get to see their parents through visitations that sometimes are hard to arrange or make to. With Securus Technologies, visitation will never be the same again. The firm has introduced a transformed video visitation that will enable incarcerated parents to help their spouses with some of the parenting responsibilities.


Through the video visitation systems, incarcerated parents will be able to follow up on their children’s growth by being able to review the kids’ academic progress, such as being involved with their homework, and providing them with career guidance.



 Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of trying to make life a little better for those families through their communication services. In a recent demonstration through a video. Securus has displayed their latest innovation to the inmate communication industry.


They have launched a video visitation program that will enable inmates and their families to interact with each other. This will work like Skype. The inmate shall have both audio and video equipment at a booth provided by Securus and the person on the other end shall have audio and video equipment to facilitate communication


Through Securus, inmates shall now enjoy the technology of today and try to make up for the limited interactions with their families. Inmates who are parents will be able to take a role in the raising of their kids through scheduling video visitation and doing activities together.


A parent shall now be able to interact with their kids when they are doing things like homework or enjoying their birthday parties. Experts say that this will help in reuniting families who were divided by the member serving time.


Broken families are usually the roots of problems in the society. The breaking of families due to separation is expected to plummet because both parents shall be able to work to work together in shaping the life of their kids.


Securus is a Texas company that has been operational for more than forty years. Their services begun with calls services but the company has increased their catalog of services over the years to cover all aspects of modern society.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Entrepreneur behind the Success of JustFab E-Commerce Enterprise

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who has founded many e-commerce stores. Among some of his startups include Fitness Haven and Alena Media. As the founder and a senior executive officer, his startups were able to achieve high returns within a short time. From their initial success, Ressler was able to profit from some of his startups as other investors acquired them.

In 2010, Don Ressler, his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, and some of his other colleagues who used to work for his first start-up companies teamed up to start a world class e-commerce known as Intelligent Beauty. In less than a decade, Intelligent Beauty has grown into a world-class e-commerce venture that provides skin care products, weight loss solutions, and fashion subscription services to its clients.

Intelligent Beauty offers its services through its subsidiaries DERMSTORE, SENSA, and JustFab. To improve their services to their large number of customers, Don Ressler, and his colleagues work in close collaboration with investors like Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Shining capital. The investment funds help the company to expand its services to other countries like Germany, France, and Spain.

Currently, Don Ressler serves as an executive officer in JustFab, Intelligent Beauty’s fashion subscription enterprise. Through his quality leadership, JustFab has grown into a recognized and successful fashion subscriber store that serves millions of members.

JustFab deals on both adult and children fashion. JustFab has realized many accomplishments since 2011 when it started its operation. In 2013, it acquired The Fab Shoes, a European subscription store serving more than 500,000 members in France and Spain.

In 2013, Don Ressler successfully negotiated a venture funding of $40 million from a number of investors that enabled him to launch JustFab’s subsidiary, Fabletics. Fabletics is a store that sells athletic wear to its growing customer base in the corporate and sports world.

The Success of the enterprises is due to Don Ressler’s passion in entrepreneurship and his unique skills in engaging strategic partners who are also passionate about the same things as him. Through his leadership, many startups associated with him have risen to become some of the most profitable e-commerce enterprises.

Don Ressler can be termed as an entrepreneur with exceptional skills and ability to bring together unique ideas and match them with available resources to form successful business ventures on Pando. As a testament to this, Ressler has been able to grow an e-commerce venture, JustFab, from scratch to become a leading fashion line within a short period.

U.S. Money Reserve Announces E-Commerce Website

U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum products, has announced its new e-commerce website. The company’s websites redesign is putting a new face on the company’s status as a leader in the sale of bullion quality precious metal to investors. The new site features impressive photography of the company’s distinguished president, Phillip Diehl, along with a new coin photo gallery. The new website’s primary purpose is to educate investors on the benefits of owning government issued bullion-quality precious metal coins along with enhancing the investor’s experience in making that purchase.

Prior to his work at the United States Mint, Phillip Diehl served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Department of the Treasury and as the staff director of the Senate Finance Committee. Because of his impressive work experience in those offices, he was then nominated by President Bill Clinton to be the Director of The U.S. Mint. As a consequence of his close working relationship with senior officials of the executive branch of the government and on Capitol Hill, he developed an unparalleled understanding of U.S. fiscal and monetary policy that has helped him greatly in his role as President of U.S. Money Reserve.

When talking about the new website the companies brand Vice president, Ryan Buchanan stated the new website will allow the company to generate quality content that will help it interact with clients and offer the very best precious metal products through our new secure online storefront. Mr. Buchanan oversaw the design of the new website which implemented several new features designed to educate investors. In addition, these new features also made purchasing the bullion products easier.

The company’s growing online shop is providing extremely good pricing on not only PCGS certified coins and other exclusive precious metal products but also on gold and silver bullion and bars. The website offers a free gold information kit that you can sign up for in addition to up to date information on not only precious metals but also on coin minting, grading, and purchasing. The site also has a special section titled The Full Headline Gold News Room that contains all the latest and current information on the precious metal markets.

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and has since grown into the world’s largest private distributor of U.S. and foreign government-issued precious metal products. All of the company’s products are either gold, silver, and platinum coins, or gold, silver, and platinum bars. The company also has a team of highly skilled numismatic professionals and each one is skilled in the knowledge of finding the exact product that will offer the purchaser the highest profit potential.

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