Jeremy Goldstein – Contributor to the Field of Law

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For more than 35 years, The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (NYSBALRIS) has been dedicated to matching individuals with the right agent for them. The service is for clients in New York City who need to find a suitable lawyer and would rather save themselves the hassle of searching around the large city.


The NYSBALRIS is available through the official website which features a questionnaire in regard to the situation of the client. The answers are analyzed by a group of experts who do the matching between the client and a suitable lawyer.


The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been created in partnership with a leading boutique firm which has its headquarters set up in New York City as well. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC is a leader when it comes to providing services of legal nature to executives, owners of large companies, and so on. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC was established by Mr. Jeremy Goldstein.


Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has had a long career in the field of Law as well as business. His professional experience started when he took a job at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm. He works there as a partner and started to show a lot of talent in his line of work. Over the course of his career, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein had been leading and worked for a number of large corporations. Some of his current occupation include memberships of several boards. He is a chairman of the most board that e is currently a part of. Some of them include the Professional Advisory Board of the highly esteemed New York University Journal of Law and Business. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has also done a lot of philanthropy work and has hosted fundraising events.

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Jeremy Goldstein

Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Progress

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In February 2017, Cancer Treatment Centers of America collaborated with Nantes Health and All Scripts to execute speedy response, to reinforce each office’s data systems and to consider better surges of clinical information overall. The new approach offers a blend of improved work processing and a quick interface structure joined with various oncologist data records all through the U.S. In like manner, it spreads the information with more noticeable speed.

Clinical Pathways is the new program, and it offers unmistakable medicines notwithstanding separating contrasting options to wipe out potential issues and routinely improve the surge of data and research all around. This new structure was recently made to join the best treatment regimens that may help the recuperation procedure through different care traditions with motivation behind each thought.

All Scripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America individuals likewise made greater treatment regimens and examinations between treatment decisions previously accessible. Order entry now turns on with a quick screen tap and is both auspicious and proficient. Moreover, propelling settlements and supporting clinical data dependably come as an unfaltering unit when referencing reactions and timely response rates.

As stated in this article, treatment regimens are mapped with EHR to prohibitive demand tests and reflect integrative approaches to manage regulated improvement of care. Experts have added an unmistakable straightforwardness around decision making as well as help with overhauling quality and attainability through decreasing thought unsteadiness. The integrative stage connects with patients and clinical staff in trading data. More than 2,700 proof-based treatment regimens now collide to cover research and solutions for ailments and proportionate diseases.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA bases itself out of Boca Raton, Fla. and joins genomic testing with exact location innovation through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. This unique organization has the most patients in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Okla., and Atlanta.

Mike Baur Continues His Mission of Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

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A lot of countries are beginning to recover from economic hard times. European countries, in particular, have suffered the most loss in recent years. But because of entrepreneurs like Mike Baur, Europe, as a whole, is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mike Baur started out working in the banking industry of Switzerland. He always had a love for finance and parleyed that into a 20-year career in high-profile banking. He worked from the two biggest banks in Switzerland, UBS and Clariden Leu. The only reason he stopped is because he wanted to start investing in startup companies.

He had gained quite a bit of entrepreneurial experience before joining Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Together, the three co-founded Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). Swiss Startup Factory is the biggest startup sponsoring company in Switzerland. Their main focus is counseling and financially supporting young tech entrepreneurs.

Baur is the most avid supporter of young entrepreneurs out of the three founders. He’s participated in the START Summiteer contest, where he served as a jury member. He’s also the go-to guy when it comes to many of SSUF’s partnerships. He even oversees much of SSUF’s Accelerator Program.

Baur’s passion for inspiring the next generation has taken him to many festivals, conferences, and forums. One forum, in particular, WORLDWIDEFORUM 2017, is on his “to visit” list. The ETH Zurich forum is one of the biggest events for young Swiss businessmen. There are three main speakers speaking at this year’s ETH Zurich.

The first is Lino Guzzella, President of ETH Zurich. Mr. Guzzella is a full professor of thermotronics and studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. He has a doctoral degree, earned from ETH Zurich. Before joining ETH, he worked in the research and development department of Sulzer. In 1993, he joined ETH as an assistant professor.

The next speaker is Laurent Vanbever, an Assistant Professor. Mr. Vanbever joined ETH in 2015. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and his research mostly focuses on the crossroads between theory and practice. He’s a multi-award winning researcher. His revelations and discovers are world renowned.

The last speaker is Ankit Singla, another Assistant Professor. Ankit also has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, but he also has a Bachelors degree in Technology. Ankit only joined ETH last year.

Vash The Stampede Will Never Be Topped

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There are a lot of generic characters in any list of anime, but few of them have captured the imagination, action, and comedy of the genre quite like you get with Vash The Stampede. This is a character that sticks with you in a lot of different ways. There are a few reasons you should know who this incredible character is, and why you should be watching the series, Trigun.



A Comedic Action Series



Trigun is a futuristic anime, but also a comedic action series with a lot of different storylines in the manga series to consider. Creator Yasuhiro Nightow really outdid himself with the introduction of this outlaw. The main character, Vash, is a wanted man, the biggest bounty is on his head and the stories that are said about him in the anime are epic. The characters all fear, and loathe him, but doesn’t stop many from trying to capture him and collect the bounty. This leads to incredible gun play, and action sequences. But not without the comedy element.



The Comedy of “The Human Typhoon”



Imagine the quirks and comedic nature that comes with Marvel Comics’ character Deadpool, only in anime form. That’s what you get with the character. A lot of comedic quirks, lots of silliness and slapstick at times, only to find out that whomever tries to capture him, can’t do it, because he’s an incredible marksman and extreme bandit.



In the world of funny anime comedy, it’s hard to top characters that have super powers, and Vash walks the line. Somewhere between a super antihero, and a lovable character, he’s hard to catch, hard to top, and represents why Trigun today is an incredible anime to watch, if only for Vash’s antics and combat.



Trigun is the name of the series that features Vash The Stampede, and it is found on dvd, in manga books, and serials.

Reviewing Vijay Eswaran’s Successful Career

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Vijay is the executive chairman of the successful QI Group of companies. He was born in Malaysia in 1960. The graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics pursed a degree in Socio-Economics. He also holds CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) certification from UK. Vijay completed his MBA at the esteemed Southern Illinois University.

Vijay was introduced to the concept of multi-level marketing (MLM) when he was still a student. When he returned to Malaysia, he was worked for Cosway’s, an MLM company. He was responsible for enhancing the corporation’s operations. In addition, Vijay had a stint at IBM. However, in 1998, he decided to start his own business.

Eswaran partnered with Joseph Bismark to found QI Group, which is based in Hong Kong. He remembers that they faced numerous challenges, including having few connections and limited capital. In addition, Asia was going through tough times because of a severe economic crisis. However, they persevered.

QI Group is a direct selling company that engages in different undertakings, including training and education, leisure, property development and management, logistics, telecommunications as well as lifestyle and luxury.

Today, the corporation has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and more than 30 nations around the globe. The company has a wide range of subsidiaries. Over the years, Vijay has been sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is a renowned motivational speaker. He has been lecturing on different subjects, including spirituality and business. Vijay’s audiences include numerous institutions of higher learning and leadership conferences such as Commonwealth Business Forums and World Economic Forum.

The best-selling author has written a highly successful book, In The Thinking Sphere of Silence, which elaborates on life management. This book has been translated into many languages. He has also written other books, including On the Wings of Thought, In the Thinking Zone, and 18 Stepping Stones. In Sri Lanka and Malaysia, Vijay contributes to different newspaper columns.

Owing to his entrepreneurial success, Vijay has been invited to hold various leadership positions. He has served as a chairman of Malaysia’s Council of the Quest International University. Vijay plays an active role in the Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility.

Investing in the Brazilian Real Estate Market with Advice From Felipe Montoro

Investing in the Brazilian property market is not the first thing that many would think about a while back. This was because at the time, not many people had realized the real potential that the country had in the sector according to To make matters even worse, there have been recurring issues that have been throwing the country off balance in terms of stability. There are however a few investors that realized the ways in which they could use the situation in the country to their advantage, these are the ones that are reaping the most from the property market. One of these investors is Felipe Montoro Jens.

There are certain things that property companies that he heads have adopted to continue being profitable in an industry that is not as favorable as it should be. The first of the steps that they have taken is investing in value added real estate. When the houses are being constructed, they make sure that environmental sustainability has been observed in the process on Water conservation, production of clean energy and waste recycling are some of the concepts that they are incorporating in their constructions.

Another trick that is helping them succeed is ensuring that the market for their property is a little different from the norm. For instance, they make sure that they sell to foreigners, because the local market is not as favorable and the foreigners will have an easier time meeting their expected price range at

Felipe Montoro Jens is in charge of more than the property industry. He is a member of the board in various other companies. He strongly believes that through proper and responsible leadership, it is possible to create and maintain a proper investment portfolio. Felipe Montoro Jens’ success in the Brazilian investment circles is enough evidence that when one is focused on winning, they will find ways of making it happen no matter what.

Features And Benefits Of The Traveling Vineyard

Many of us have enjoyed drinking wine and some of us truly value our favorite drink and can go to extreme lengths to ensure that we have one. For those who wish to venture into something new and find out what is available on the other side, Traveling Vineyard surely provides the beast way for you to do so.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that first started its operations sixteen years ago as a subsidiary of the popular wines cataloger, Geerlings, and Wade. Due to their excellent service and customer friendly options, it did not take too long before Traveling Vineyard made a name for itself in the direct sales industry. Together with their team of independent consultants, Traveling Vineyard provides a wide selection of high-quality wine distribution throughout the United States. Indeed, Traveling Vineyard provides some of the best services in the market and some of their salient features are discussed in great detail in this article.

Traveling Vineyard provides a wide variety of wine accessories that takes care of all of a customers wine drinking and party needs, while at the same time providing different wine selections that suit different tastes and preferences.

Traveling Vineyard offers a wide variety of some of the best wines and available in the market and some of them are Orvieto, Pinot GrigioPinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Traveling Vineyard provides wines prepared in countries such as France, United States, Spain among many others that truly tickles everyone’s fancy.

Traveling Vineyard provides you with good and flexible options such as selling wine through wine parties, distributing product catalogs or through person to the person selling. Traveling Vineyard has numerous incentives for its consultants which ensure that they stay motivated always.

Some of the incentives are:

1. Personal sales commissions.
2. Vacation trips.

The Bottom Line.

The Traveling Vineyard offers some of the best options in the market whether you want to join as a wine consultant and build a career in direct sales or whether you want to shop for wine in a stress-free environment. The customer friendly options that they provide will surely not let you down and will provide you with the best returns.

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Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently the co founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. He has been in charge of this innovative company ever since its inception a few years ago. Swiss Startup Factory is a company that helps entrepreneurs reach higher levels of success. This company provides mentorship and financing in order to help businesses reach their goals more easily. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike Baur has also been a very active investor as well. He has spent a number of years investing in numerous startup companies. This allowed him to come up with the knowledge and experience necessary to found his company as well as learn more about the potential of startup companies. At the beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry where he would regularly help businesses get funding and guidance on how to better manage their business finances.


A few years ago, Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory in order to capitalize on the growing number of startups in Switzerland. Fortunately for Mike he has a lot of experience with these types of businesses and has therefore put himself in position to make this company successful. He adopted one of the more innovative business models around. The company holds an event where a number of entrepreneurs can attend and pitch their business idea. Mike will then evaluate each idea and then choose which ones are most likely to succeed. Once chosen, these businesses will receive a number of different forms of assistance. They will get coaching, advisement, mentoring and financing.


After choosing a number of businesses, Swiss Startup Factory will begin helping companies by giving them advice on how to reach their goals. The company will help startups find ways to increase their revenue, lower their costs, manage debt and also market their company more effectively. As a result, these startup companies will be in position to maximize the efficiency of their operations and eventually succeed.


Along with offering mentoring and coaching, Swiss Startup Factory will also provide funding to a number of businesses. This will be in the form of investment capital. Since Mike spent a number of years investing in startups, he will continue doing this activity with his company. By investing in startups, Baur will be able to help various companies finance their operations as well as earning profitable returns. Therefore, Swiss Startup Factory has proven to be an ideal source of funding for many startups in Switzerland.


Bellamy’s Owner Brian Bonar Explains What It Takes For Greatness These Days

Brian Bonar, owner of San Diego-based Bellamy’s Restaurant makes it appear that mastering the restaurant business is easy. His path for greatness is certainly paved in gold. You’d think one would be crazy to open up a restaurant these days, among all the other competitive gems and over saturated expectations in San Diego, but Brian Bonar has a take-no-prisoners attitude. He has this brash optimism that ensures longevity, and according to a snapshot of sales, Bonar is a sensation.

So, What Does It Take For Greatness These Days?

According to Brian Bonar, greatness requires shrewdness, creativity and tenacity. Part of that scenario includes Bellamy’s chef, Patrick Ponsaty, who whips up modern cuisine with French influences. Signature dishes include Seared Foie Gras and Red Crab & Poached Shrimp Salad with Red Pepper Coulis, or Scottish Salmon, Chocolate Bisou, and the popular Bellamy’s Aioli and Blue Cheese Burger.. And the food is just part of the magic.

The revamped decor of the restaurant adds to the shine. It’s chic, colorful and inviting, and looks good without showing off. With more than 200 positive Yelp reviews, Bellamy’s is undoubtedly a rockstar restaurant.

Bonar took over the aging Escondido restaurant in 2014. Located in the Bandy Canyon tourist area, Bellamy’s now has an updated menu with a French flair, trendy décor with modern aesthetics, and a new hip wine list. A great add-on to this story is the nearby 144-acres Bonar is transforming into 4-star space. For right now, award-winning Bellamy’s has become a sensational hit.

The Man Behind Bellamy’s

Brian is a industry finance expert with more than 20 years of successful experience. After earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Engineering, he started a career at IBM as a procurement manager.

His vision and ability led him to move up the ranks and offer exceptional professional service at leading companies, including QMS, Rastek Corporation, and Adaptec. In 2008, Bonar founded Allegiant, then Dalrada Financial Services, and in 2011, Trucept.

Specializing in business process services and employee placement, Bonar has successfully helped companies complete recruiting strategies that strengthen operations and keep offices running smoothly.

Plan Your NYC Corporate Event with Twenty Three Layers

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If you are planning a corporate event, then there are many things that you need to consider. Top on your list should be hiring a professional who will lead you each step of the way so that your event is a huge success.


Consider the Type of Event


There are many different types of corporate events that you might want to consider. These include:


  • Appreciation events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Executive retreats
  • Holiday parties
  • Product launch events



Set a Budget


After you have decided on the type of event, then it is important to set a budget. Almost any type of event can be done on any budget, but it is important to determine what you are willing to spend. As a business executive, you know how important it is to consider your return on investment.


Find a Professional


You have probably gone to some top-notch events. Find out who they use as event planning companies in NYC. Invite them to come meet with you in your office or go to their location. Bring along your ideas, and be willing to listen to ideas of what they have done in the past.


One company that you will want to consider is Twenty Three Layers. Their professional team has worked with many corporate executives to organize events. They have a strong reputation with all the major NYC venues.


Hire the Right Planner


After you have listened to several proposals, then choose the one that seems the best fit. Just like hiring an employee to fill a key position, the first one may not be the right one for you. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk to the company about the problems. When necessary, consider firing them and hiring someone else.


Following these steps allows you to plan a great corporate event. Impress your employees or your clients by hosting one very soon. Start by hiring event planners in NYC.