Kenneth Goodgame is Incredibly Successful

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Kenneth Goodgame is an extremely hardworking and successful man. He is widely seen as a rising name within the hardware sector. Kenneth knows that his success did not happen overnight. It took years of hard work for Kenneth to become the amazing business leader that he is today.

Kenneth started his career by going to the University of Tennessee. Kenneth received a degree in Marketing from the University, and after graduation, he started working at the Home Depot. Kenneth loved the idea of working at Home Depot because they were a major leader in the hardware market. The Home Depot put him in charge of indoor gardening purchasing for the Southern region as his first job. Kenneth excelled in this role, and he managed to grow sales by 20% year over year. By succeeding at his first job, Kenneth became a major target for promotion within the company. By the end of his eight years at the Home Depot, Kenneth had served in several different roles. Eventually, Kenneth became Senior Global Product Merchant, overseeing a major John Deere product launch line.

Kenneth’s success at the Home Depot launched his career into the stratosphere. Newell Rubbermaid made him a great offer, and he jumped at the opportunity. At Newell, he turned around a failing cleaning department and he eventually became a Senior Vice President. Kenneth has since made stops at Techtronic and Ace Hardware. He had a tremendous impact for each company during his time there.

Three years ago, Kenneth had an amazing opportunity to work for True Value Corporation. He serves as the Senior Vice President of the company. He oversees more than $2.2 billion in purchases every year. He also helped develop a five-year strategic plan that will help the company reach new heights. Kenneth loves helping the company turn around the failing sectors, and he knows that in time they will achieve unprecedented growth. Kenneth’s tenure with True Value has been well received.

Kenneth Goodgame is an extremely hardworking man. He loves helping companies turn their luck around, and he is proud of his accomplishments. Kenneth is a great target for recruiters.

A New Real Estate Application Launched By Davos Real Estate’s Executive Team

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In the recent past, Davos Real Estate Group launched a new mobile application known as Davos CAP Calculator. The company made this announcement through an official statement sent out to its customers. The objective of the application is to estimate clients return on real estate investments that he or she is interested in. Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is part of the Davos Financial Group. The objective of REG is to formulate investment strategies that are line with the needs and expectations of the client besides combining premium products with regulatory frameworks.

In the past six months, an executive director of Davos REG, Gerald Gonzalez, has been working closely with the Tecknolution on the appropriate design and development of the application. With the application, an individual can estimate the gains that he or she anticipates from an investment property after considering the expenses of such property. The application is available for Android and iPhone devices.

While commenting on the origin of the application, Osio posited that REG saw the need to assist clients by guiding them when they decide to invest in real estate within the United States. Gonzalez asserted that the innovative app would allow investors to have clearer financial objectives when buying properties. Davos CAP Calculator allows customers to estimate the rent on the property based on the projected income. In addition, the Mortgage Calculator, which is part of the new application, will allow Davos’ clients to make projections on mortgages, the period of funding and interest rates.

Davos Real Estate Group has been developing the new Davos CAP calculator as well as forming new strategic alliances with various international real estate agents. Additionally, the firm has been expanding its services across the borders to Europe. Gonzalez said that they were working on various projects with the objective of fulfilling the company’s commitment towards providing customers with excellent services.

About David Osio

In 1984, David Osio started working at MGO. Osio gained broad experience in matters of banking law by working at MGO, a Caracas-based law firm. He also developed deep understanding on the banking industry. His experience saw him secure a position at the helm of Banco Latino International (BLI). In 1993, David started his own firm, the Davos Financial Group of companies. The goal of Davos financial group is to provide clients with tailor made solutions that match their expectations and objectives. The graduate of the prestigious Catholic University Andres Bello has been helping different foundations in enhancing their social objectives. This information was originally published on David Osio’s official webpage as outlined in this link

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Avi Weisfogel – Interests of a popular New Jersey Dentist

A new GoFundMe account was set up by Avi Weisfogel in efforts to collect money for an organization devoted to helping young children and their dental needs. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area who is passionate about his work and helping others, and that’s why he chose to help raise money for an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smiled help children all over the world with their dental needs. They have performed million of surgeries throughout the thirty years they’ve been in business, and Dr. Weisfogel is dedicated to helping raise funds to ensure that children always get the healthcare services they need. Operation Smile operates with volunteers and donations only, and has been able to perform surgeries related to cleft palates, cleft lips and other facial deformities. Their first mission was stationed in the Philippines in 1984. Bill and Kathy Magee are the founders and have been very dedicated to ensuring that children remain hopeful in their situations and have always made sure they treat each child as if it’s their very own. That is one thing that drew Dr. Weisfogel to the charitable organization. He has put $2000 of his very own money into the account to get it started, and he hopes that he can raise enough money to really help and make a donation to the wonderful organization.

Dental Sleep Masters is program that was developed by Dr. Weisfogel to help other dentist’s offices with patient’s who have sleep disorders. The program is dedicated to the education and proper structure identifying patient’s with sleep apnea and other disorder that disable and hinder their sleep. By identifying symptoms and helping the patient resolve their issue by an oral appliance or a CPAP machine, they can eliminate their sleep apnea and wake up feeling better.

Weisfogel is also very interested in making music and recording some popular tunes. He has recently taken up a love for hip hop music and has been spinning some tunes of his own. Be sure to check out his newest tunes and follow him on

Eric Pulier is a Brilliant Mind

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Technology is a vital part of the economy. People throughout the world depend on technology to get through their daily lives. At the beginning of each day, people check their phones for e-mail’s and messages, and at the end of the day they look into their messages. Without technology getting through daily life is almost impossible. While America is experiencing a major technology boom now, this boom is the result of years of work. The nineties helped pave the way for today’s technology boom, and several experts were vital to this boom. Eric Pulier is a major player in the world of technology, and he has played a role for two plus decades.

Eric grew up in New Jersey, and he always enjoyed technology. In fourth grade, Eric was already programming computers. When Eric got to high school, he was already running a computer database company. Eric was an excellent student, and he easily earned his spot at Harvard University.

Eric studied Literature at Harvard University, but he also attended classes at MIT while in school. By taking classes at both Harvard and MIT, Eric was able to get an extremely well-rounded education. When Eric finally graduated in 1988 he was extremely excited to make an impact on the world.

Eric worked in the private sector for a couple years, but in 1991 he was ready to start his own company. Eric moved to Los Angeles in the early nineties, and he immediately founded People Doing Things(PDT). PDT focused on solving societies issues by using technology. The company primarily focused on health care and education. PDT was extremely successful, and it put him on the map in the technology sphere.

Eric was widely considered an expert in technology throughout the nineties. He founded several other companies throughout the decade, and he also served on a presidential panel. Eric made a major impact throughout the decade, but today he works on the X-prize. He believes that money will help encourage innovators throughout the world.

Eric Pulier is a brilliant man, and he is constantly helping people throughout the world innovate.

Diversant is an incredibly successful company

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Technology is a vital part of every business. Restaurants depend on their point-of-sale systems to ring up sales, and accounting firms rely on their computers to keep the spreadsheets running. Even antique stores rely on technology to keep their inventory running and to help ring up customers. If technology fails, then almost every business will struggle to adapt. To protect themselves, most businesses are focusing heavily on IT staffing and solutions.

Having access to quality IT staffing solutions is vital to protecting your business. There are several firms that focus on providing great IT staffing, but Diversant is an amazing IT staffing company. The company focuses on providing their clients with great IT staff members. These staff members are extremely diverse because Diversant knows it is often hard to keep a diverse staff throughout your company. Diversant also focuses on providing knowledgeable staff members that can solve any issue that might occur.

Diversant has become an industry leader in IT staffing, and the company has several great leaders on their side. One of the top leaders at Diversant is John Goullet. John Goullet has years of experience in the IT sector. He worked as an IT expert for many years, and he loved working as an IT consultant. In the late nineties, John launched his own IT staffing company, Info Technologies. The company was extremely successful, eventually, they became the eighth fastest growing privately held firm in the United States. In 2010, John had the opportunity to merge his company with Diversant. He thought it over, and he decided that Diversant was an exciting company. The two companies merged and became Diversant LLC.

To protect your business, you need great IT staffing options. Diversant is proud to offer great staffing solutions. The staff that Diversant provides are extremely knowledgeable and hardworking. Diversant should be serving customers for years to come, and they are in a position to grow. Their leadership team is more than ready to step up and solve any problem, and Goullet is proud of the company. He hopes to work with this company for years to come.

James Dondero Makes a Major Hire

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James Dondero is one of the brightest names in the investment business. In the early nineties, James founded Highland Capital in Dallas, Texas. Throughout the nineties, James Dondero turned Highland Capital into a financial powerhouse. He helped create quality financial products, including CLOs, hedge funds, and other powerful financial products. Highland Capital customers were extremely excited by the money brought in by Highland. James is proud of his accomplishments, but now he wants to give back to the community that has given him so much.

The leadership at Highland Capital has always believed in giving back to the Dallas community. They give to museums throughout the Dallas area, and to prominent causes throughout Dallas. Highland’s giving has always been a big part of their business, but recently James realized that it was becoming unmanageable.

James knew that Highland needed an expert in civic giving on their team. James looked for someone that had a great knowledge of the Dallas area, and who was an expert at handling non-profits. James believes he has found the right candidate for Highland’s non-profit ventures.

Linda Owen was recently hired to be Highland’s charitable giving manager. Linda has a rich history of helping people throughout the Dallas area. She was president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. She has also helped several charities throughout the Dallas area reach their potential. Linda will work with The Dallas Foundation, and give Highland’s charitable giving strategic direction. She is extremely excited to be working with Highland.

Highland Capital gives more than three million dollars every year to various causes. They love giving to education, veterans’ causes, the presidential library, and health care. Highland especially appreciates seeing the results of their giving.

James is happy to give back to people throughout the Dallas area. He knows that America and Dallas have given him so much, and he wants Highland to help people. He is glad to hire Linda Owen. Linda offers a great deal of experience and talent to the Highland team. She knows that Highland has great potential to go back, and she is excited to get to work.

IAP Provides Several Services to Clients

For a company of any size to operate efficiently, it needs to have strong legist, IT, and facilities management system in place. In order to do this, it is often a requirement to have dedicated personnel hired to complete just these tasks. Unfortunately, this can end up being too much of a financial strain and capital requirement for many small businesses. A much better option in most cases is to outsource these services to a third-party provider that can offer these services.

One of the leading providers of third party logistics, IT, and facilities management services is IAP Worldwide, a global firm that has over 2,000 dedicated employees across the globe that work for companies in over 25 different countries. IAP believes in hiring the best employees that can not only help to develop practices at a customer’s business, but can also help to implement the new business plan seamlessly.

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One area that IAP can help initially is in the logistics area of a business. This is particularly important in companies that are in manufacturing, distributions, or sales. Regardless of the industry that the company is in, they could always use a third-party’s help to identify issues with the current logistical system that could end up wasting time and money. IAP will be able to come in and initially spend time overseeing the current process and will then be able to develop and implement a more efficient model.

IAP Worldwide will also be able to help a customer develop a more efficient and effective IT system. Information technology is very important for businesses in all industries. A good IT system in place will ensure that the company is able to operate as well as possible while also ensuring that they are secure from network hacks and data thefts. IAP will be able to recognize weaknesses in the current IT system and make recommendations for new software, hardware, and other products. They will then be able to provide tips on how to use the new programs and be able to provide ongoing maintenance and training going forward.

Facilities management is another area where IAP will excel. IAP can hire dedicated facilities management personnel to ensure that a client has a safe, clean, and well-maintained facility to work in. This will help to improve employee satisfaction and could also lead to a reduced amount of workers compensation claims.

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