Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently the co founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. He has been in charge of this innovative company ever since its inception a few years ago. Swiss Startup Factory is a company that helps entrepreneurs reach higher levels of success. This company provides mentorship and financing in order to help businesses reach their goals more easily. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike Baur has also been a very active investor as well. He has spent a number of years investing in numerous startup companies. This allowed him to come up with the knowledge and experience necessary to found his company as well as learn more about the potential of startup companies. At the beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry where he would regularly help businesses get funding and guidance on how to better manage their business finances.


A few years ago, Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory in order to capitalize on the growing number of startups in Switzerland. Fortunately for Mike he has a lot of experience with these types of businesses and has therefore put himself in position to make this company successful. He adopted one of the more innovative business models around. The company holds an event where a number of entrepreneurs can attend and pitch their business idea. Mike will then evaluate each idea and then choose which ones are most likely to succeed. Once chosen, these businesses will receive a number of different forms of assistance. They will get coaching, advisement, mentoring and financing.


After choosing a number of businesses, Swiss Startup Factory will begin helping companies by giving them advice on how to reach their goals. The company will help startups find ways to increase their revenue, lower their costs, manage debt and also market their company more effectively. As a result, these startup companies will be in position to maximize the efficiency of their operations and eventually succeed.


Along with offering mentoring and coaching, Swiss Startup Factory will also provide funding to a number of businesses. This will be in the form of investment capital. Since Mike spent a number of years investing in startups, he will continue doing this activity with his company. By investing in startups, Baur will be able to help various companies finance their operations as well as earning profitable returns. Therefore, Swiss Startup Factory has proven to be an ideal source of funding for many startups in Switzerland.


Bellamy’s Owner Brian Bonar Explains What It Takes For Greatness These Days

Brian Bonar, owner of San Diego-based Bellamy’s Restaurant makes it appear that mastering the restaurant business is easy. His path for greatness is certainly paved in gold. You’d think one would be crazy to open up a restaurant these days, among all the other competitive gems and over saturated expectations in San Diego, but Brian Bonar has a take-no-prisoners attitude. He has this brash optimism that ensures longevity, and according to a snapshot of sales, Bonar is a sensation.

So, What Does It Take For Greatness These Days?

According to Brian Bonar, greatness requires shrewdness, creativity and tenacity. Part of that scenario includes Bellamy’s chef, Patrick Ponsaty, who whips up modern cuisine with French influences. Signature dishes include Seared Foie Gras and Red Crab & Poached Shrimp Salad with Red Pepper Coulis, or Scottish Salmon, Chocolate Bisou, and the popular Bellamy’s Aioli and Blue Cheese Burger.. And the food is just part of the magic.

The revamped decor of the restaurant adds to the shine. It’s chic, colorful and inviting, and looks good without showing off. With more than 200 positive Yelp reviews, Bellamy’s is undoubtedly a rockstar restaurant.

Bonar took over the aging Escondido restaurant in 2014. Located in the Bandy Canyon tourist area, Bellamy’s now has an updated menu with a French flair, trendy décor with modern aesthetics, and a new hip wine list. A great add-on to this story is the nearby 144-acres Bonar is transforming into 4-star space. For right now, award-winning Bellamy’s has become a sensational hit.

The Man Behind Bellamy’s

Brian is a industry finance expert with more than 20 years of successful experience. After earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Engineering, he started a career at IBM as a procurement manager.

His vision and ability led him to move up the ranks and offer exceptional professional service at leading companies, including QMS, Rastek Corporation, and Adaptec. In 2008, Bonar founded Allegiant, then Dalrada Financial Services, and in 2011, Trucept.

Specializing in business process services and employee placement, Bonar has successfully helped companies complete recruiting strategies that strengthen operations and keep offices running smoothly.

Plan Your NYC Corporate Event with Twenty Three Layers

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If you are planning a corporate event, then there are many things that you need to consider. Top on your list should be hiring a professional who will lead you each step of the way so that your event is a huge success.


Consider the Type of Event


There are many different types of corporate events that you might want to consider. These include:


  • Appreciation events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Executive retreats
  • Holiday parties
  • Product launch events



Set a Budget


After you have decided on the type of event, then it is important to set a budget. Almost any type of event can be done on any budget, but it is important to determine what you are willing to spend. As a business executive, you know how important it is to consider your return on investment.


Find a Professional


You have probably gone to some top-notch events. Find out who they use as event planning companies in NYC. Invite them to come meet with you in your office or go to their location. Bring along your ideas, and be willing to listen to ideas of what they have done in the past.


One company that you will want to consider is Twenty Three Layers. Their professional team has worked with many corporate executives to organize events. They have a strong reputation with all the major NYC venues.


Hire the Right Planner


After you have listened to several proposals, then choose the one that seems the best fit. Just like hiring an employee to fill a key position, the first one may not be the right one for you. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk to the company about the problems. When necessary, consider firing them and hiring someone else.


Following these steps allows you to plan a great corporate event. Impress your employees or your clients by hosting one very soon. Start by hiring event planners in NYC.




Hussain Sajwani; Co-Founder of DAMAC, and a Renowned Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known business person in the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani is also the co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of DAMAC. Apart from that, he is an excellent friend to President Donald Trump. Sajwani and Trump are not just billionaires, both are sharks when it comes to the real estate business.

Concerning Sajwani being a renowned entrepreneur in the real estate sector, we can see that he launched DAMAC organization. When it comes to the real estate business in the United Arab Emirates, DAMAC is well known for the best marketing stunts. When it comes to marketing tricks, DAMAC offers a free Bentley for every luxury apartment. Recently, Sajwani and Donald Trump ventured into establishing a golf course within the newly established project. The golf course is superbly remarkable as compared to others.

Apart from dealing in the real estate business, Hussain Sajwani also dealt in the food business. Mr. Sajwani ventured into the food business in the 1980s. In the food sector, Mr. Sajwani’s company dealt in offering catering services to Abu Dhabi as well as some contracts with the US army. Since venturing into the food business, many years have passed now. During his period as a freshman in the corporate sector, his ambition could be seen from afar. Sajwani’s dream opened up to the public when he declared that the food business could only make one earn millions, not billions. Since then, we can see that Hussain Sajwani has ensured that his dream of becoming a billionaire has become real. Sajwani has achieved his goal by making sure that DAMAC has thrived as the real estate kingpin in the United Arab Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani is a man full of ambition; with that, he decided to launch DAMAC properties in the year 2002. After the launching of DAMAC, Sajwani built state of the art developments and eventually marketed his company’s products in an aggressive manner. As a start-up company in 2002, DAMAC was able to thrive due to off-plan sales. Since the launching of DAMAC Properties to date, a significant growth has been recognized.

Another important aspect of the life of Hussain Sajwani as a businessperson is his affluence to the Current US President. Mr. Sajwani and Trump have been friends for many years. Also, they are friends when it comes to both family matters as well as business matters. Donald Trump as the current US President is no longer in making current deals while in office. Trump’s legacy is to be continued by his children. Hence, Hussain Sajwani will continue to work hand in hand with Trump’s children.


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Luciana Lossio Takes The Helm Of The Criminal Court Of Brazil

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Luciana Lossio has worked in the Attorney General’s office of Brazil, spent time around the highest court of the land and ensured that justice is done every day. She has experience as a prosecutor, and she has spent time around different forms of civil litigation that make her uniquely-qualified for her new position. This article tells the story of a woman who has built her career around the work she has done since the day she started her law education.


#1: What Does The Job Entail?


The highest seat on the court is a job where Luciana rules on each new case to ensure it has been closed properly. She has taken steps to keep people in jail who belong there, and she has argued for those who have been accused of crimes they did not commit. She ensures the people who come to the court are heard, and she will balance the information that she hears when the cases are given.


#2: How Are Rulings Reached?


Luciana comes to a decision over each case given the information she has heard. She will allow a case to be shared before the court when there is room on the schedule, and she does not allow any case to miss the court’s notice. She will help schedule those who must be given their due diligence, and she will ensure every case that comes before the court is treated as though it is the most-important case in the history of the court.


#3: The Court Cases Are Varied


The varied court cases shown to Luciana are the fuel for her career, and she takes pride in ensuring the country has used the judicial system to find balance. Someone who does not have any hope will find a bit of hope in the court, and they will come to the court with a lawyer who has prepared for their case.


Someone who comes to the Brazilian high court will learn they may be given an opportunity that will release them from guilt or shame. Luciana Lossio uses her law career and experience to help lead the high court, and she will have quite a few years to shape her country into a place that is welcoming to everyone. She is not the only woman in power, but she is a woman who may help the country learn what a judge may do for the people.

Doe Deere living the American Dream

Doe Deere is an incredible success story that epitomizes the American dream. She was born in Russia and immigrated to New York City. She grew up with a passion for fashion; bold, vibrant fashion. As a child she was always experimenting with colors using paints, pencils, and her mothers cosmetics. As a young adult employment in the conventional workforce did not satisfy her artistic side. An administrative assistant at an insurance firm by day and a musician at night reflected the conflict between dreams and drudgery.

Creating her own clothing allowed her to express herself. She became frustrated with the lack of truly unique colors and textures in cosmetics. Seeing a need for radical hues that matched her style she created Unicorn Lipsticks. The beautiful, wild and vibrant colors packaged with a sparkling unicorn immediately struck a chord with the market.

Starting with an EBay store her enterprise blossomed; today the Unicorn Queen is a CEO. In 2008 she founded Lime Crime. As a newcomer to the industry Doe was certainly not constrained by convention. The traditional brick and mortar stores counted on customers physically handling the merchandise and experimenting at the makeup counter. With a keen understanding of her target audience she knew that internet savvy modern shoppers are a different breed. The conventional colors and traditional marketing techniques do not tap into the Unicorns of today. Lip swatches allowed customers to see how the product will look on lips with a few clicks of the mouse. The majority of Lime Crime products are sold via the internet, an innovation at the time but now is rapidly becoming the norm. Bold new colors matched by bold new marketing and distribution strategies allowed global distribution in minimal time.

With worldwide exposure and rapid success it would be easy for her to lose core values. She was featured in Self-Made magazine as one of the 50 Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. Despite the accolades, success and internet fame she remains passionate about expressing her self in a responsible manner. Lime Crime products are both vegan-friendly and cruelty free. Giving back to the community is important and Lime Crime donates to multiple charitable organizations that benefit women, children and animals.

An inspiration to immigrants, entrepreneurs Doe Deere advises “Stay true to your vision, no matter how odd it might be.” She is married to Mark, her bandmate, playmate, business and life partner.


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