Securus Technologies Helping Officers Collect Evidence

One of my jobs as a crime scene investigator is to go wherever necessary to collect evidence of a crime. If a suspect is in custody, then I have to make sure that I collect the evidence in a way that will help the police get the conviction. If my work is sloppy or the evidence is not substantial, the lawyers could have the case tossed due to insufficient evidence. This month we were in a very bad spot because all the signs pointed to the scene being cleaned by the suspect, so we were working with barely anything for that conviction.


It was clear from the start that the suspect had a hand in cleaning the crime scene and eliminating key evidence. We knew he had to have help because he was arrested almost immediately after the crime, yet we could not come up with the weapons and tools used in the crime. With the suspect in jail and the case pending, we knew that we had only a limited amount of time to locate the proof or the suspect would eventually be free due to lack of evidence.


When we learned the prison had Securus Technologies install their inmate call monitoring system throughout the facility, we thought that we might have a chance at getting that evidence another way. We let our suspect know we were in the jail, and we began asking questions and letting other inmates know we were close to breaking the case. The word would get to our suspect, who we hoped would run to the phones. As expected, he reached out over the phone to his family and began inquiring if they took care of all the things he asked. When there was apprehension, he told his brother it needed to be done now before my team found it.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, we did a stake-out and the brother lead us right to the evidence we needed.


Beneful Quality at Walmart Prices!

Your dog is part of your family. It deserves quality food made with real, healthy ingredients to suit its unique needs. Now, you can give them what they need and crave, and at Walmart prices!

Walmart now carries many varieties of Beneful dog foods so that you can nourish your furry friend without breaking the bank. They carry both wet and dry options, including healthy weight management options with real salmon! The original Beneful dry dog food with real salmon costs only $13.98 for a 15.5lb bag – that’s just 90 cents per pound! If your pup is all about the gravy, Walmart’s got you covered too with Beneful’s wet dog food options. For just $17.20 you can snag an 8 pack of Beneful Prepared Meals Beef Stew, with real beef, carrots, peas, and other natural ingredients to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Real ingredients are important. Too many dog food brands focus on what’s cheap and sacrifice on the vital nutrition that your pet needs. Beneful products are designed for 100% balanced nutrition so that your dog lives a long, happy, healthy life. Just check the ingredients – Beneful’s grain free dog food has chicken as its first ingredient, along with blueberries, pumpkin and spinach so your pooch is getting real, nutritious food it’ll love for life. Click here to watch video.

It’s always important to make sure your dog gets the best quality food, and you know Walmart always has amazing prices. For extra savings, just keep an eye on Walmart’s coupons and you’re bound to find deals on Beneful products. You don’t have to break the bank to treat your dog to the best dog food options out there, and your dog deserves it!

Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega: Tapping The US Market

The success of a business depends on the people who are running it, and in the case of the largest media company in Latin America, one man managed to take them out of stagnant development and has been a key contributor in their present success.

Back when he was younger, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega used to live in the city of New York where he works in a law firm as a lawyer. His will to help his own people through legal means resulted in his return to Mexico, where he established his own law firm. It seems to be a good decision for Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega to go back to Mexico, because his career in Televisa would start as soon as he cross paths with Emilio Azcarraga Jean, who would soon become the company’s chief executive officer.

He initially worked as his private lawyer, and the two developed great relationship and became close friends. As he becomes more tenure, the company decided to appoint him as the chief financial officer. During his term as the chief financial officer of Televisa, he actively participated in a number of activities and decisions that would result in to the company restructure. He was promoted to the position of executive vice president, and good things followed after his appointment.

Televisa is growing slowly, and sometimes, the growth is becoming stagnant. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is wary of the company’s problems, so he looked for solutions on how to raise the company’s growth. He is thinking outside the box for solutions that has not been considered before, and in the process saw the answer he was looking for outside the borders of Mexico. He immediately created a deal and called in Univision to talk about his planned partnership. The deal costs $1.2 billion dollars, and it would give Grupo Televisa a small ownership percentage with Univision. Along with the ownership deal, it would also give them the right to broadcast their programs on Hispanic US households through Univision. The deal was signed by both party months after it was introduced, and Televisa saw a gradual rise in their company’s profit and value as their programs infiltrated Hispanic US homes. The change that happened would not be possible if not for Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega idea of tapping the US market.

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Beneful Puppies Benefit the Most

Beneful is one of the top dog food brands in the world. They offer a huge range of dog food types but all of them contain real ingredients. Puppy dog food blends are some of the best and most nutrient dense food that the dog food company has to offer. The puppy food mixes contain real vegetable, real beef, chicken, and salmon. They are also full of whole grains and natural ingredients. In addition to all of that, they add DHA to help promote eye sight and brain development.

The puppy food is made for all dog breeds as long as they are puppies. The Purina Beneful website offers advice on how to feed and take care of puppies. They suggest starting puppies on dry food at 4 weeks so that they can familiarize themselves with what dog food actually is. Normally they only drink milk from their moms, so the dog food isn’t necessarily recognizable. They also recommend transitioning dogs to adult food at one year old.

You can get coupons for Purina Beneful puppy food online just by googling coupons. You can also get coupons directly from the Beneful main web page or even by looking for a coupon from a specific store.