Why InnovaCare Chose to Invest in the best Human Resource

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health and has more than twenty years’ experience of specialization in Medicaid and Medicare. She has a degree in medicine and has also pursued post masters studies in the same field. Penelope Kokkinides was the executive vice president of Centre HealthCare and was responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of the care division. Penelope Kokkinides is recognised for her contribution to the implementation of healthcare models that work for corporate firms.Dr Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare. He studied medicine in New York before moving to Southern California to pursue his career and has more than twenty years work experience in the medical field. Before, he worked at NAMN California and Medical Pathways.

According to Dr Richard Shinto, InnovaCare is aligning medical care to the cultural variances of the population. Dr Richard Shinto’s work has been recognised by various institutions. He received an award for provision of improved access to healthcare services in Western University.A healthy nation is one that has access to good Healthcare services. InnovaCare HealthCare located in North America understands this too well and provides quality health services to the residents. Thanks to InnovaCare HealthCare, the residents of North America have quick access to high standards of medical services. They get first class services at an affordable price thus no one is left out. There have been constructive changes at InnovaCare Health since 2016 that saw the appointment of new staff as earlier discussed. InnovaCare prioritises the patient’s concerns above anything and holds the stakeholders accountable for transparency at work.

Team work is encouraged in order to address the challenges facing the organization. Experienced leadership is important to meet the goals of any organization and InnovaCare health has invested a lot in its leadership by sourcing for the best in the market. The organization is dedicated to creating lasting good relationships with its clients. Relationships are the founding stone for any successful business by Rick Shinto. InnovaCare Health appreciates that without establishing lasting relationships with its clients, the firm will not last long.InnovaCare also appreciates the important role of technology in improving health care services. They have fully adopted technology and use high end equipment to treat their patients. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to address the many challenges that are facing the health care department in North America and all over the world by adopting technology.

Be Bold like Doe Deere

We all have dreams, but some of us don’t try our hand at the things we love and want to do. A woman who is a great example of going for her dream with all that she’s got is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the power house that started the makeup brand called Lime Crime. Learn more: http://norcal.news/news/23849-doe-deere-helping-cats-need-through-makeup

She’s someone who knows that to make it in your passion, you have to have perseverance and passion to keep it up. From nail polish to lipsticks and almost any type of makeup item that you can think of, Lime Crime is a successful brand that is geared towards ladies like Doe Deere—women who like to wear bright colors and do things differently. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/

What has she done right that has led her to being the successful businesswoman she is now? Here are some examples:

  • She knew that she wanted to be in cosmetics and she went for this dream with all that she had.
  • She kept working hard and persevered through the challenging times because she knew what she wanted to achieve.
  • She loved what she was doing which helped to soften the difficulty and made it enjoyable.
  • She was open to new ideas. She had originally started an eBay account for clothing, but liked to use bright colors to get attention. When she discovered that bright makeup was hard to come by, she realized that she had something to offer.
  • She has also been an example of how it’s important to have tough skin when it comes to being a career woman with an iconic product. There will always be haters, but Doe Deere proves that you don’t have to pay attention to negativity when it comes to making your business work.
  • She shows that you don’t have to start out big. Her small beginnings in Lime Crime are far behind her, but it wouldn’t have been this way if she hadn’t kept on persevering through the times when Lime Crime had yet to become a household name.

Lime Crime is a company that offers cruelty free make-up that is safe to use and provides customers with plenty of colorful and unique cosmetics to choose from. From glitter to fluorescent colors, Lime Crime doesn’t hold back. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

Vijay Eswaran: A Man Of The People

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Vijay Eswaran is hailed as a hero in Malaysia. Through his hard work, education and vision he has risen from a working-class background to become one of Asia’ wealthiest men. But what has really made people love Eswaran is that he has used his multilevel marketing company, the QI Group, and his great wealth, to improve the lives of countless people.

Plus, he envisions using the company’s largess to build a world-class university and a city powered by the latest green technologies. It’s that kind of vision that has led Eswaran to the success he has enjoyed and endeared him to millions of people.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran has a socioeconomics degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Southern Illinois University in the United States. It was while studying abroad that he became involved in multilevel marketing. After completing his education and spending a decade working abroad, Eswaran returned to Asia in 1998.

He was approached by the Cosway Group and offered the opportunity to start his own multilevel marketing company. Despite the fact he had very little finances or support and Asia was in an economic slump, Eswaran agreed to do it. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars and Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

With a willingness to work hard and a clear vision of what the company could become, Eswaran founded the QI Group. He recruited and trained thousands of independent marketing executives, created a marketing plan and started to build the company.

Ten years later, the QI Group had annual sales of over $700 million and had grown from a small business concern based in the Philippines to a major corporation with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The company also has a presence in more than a dozen countries and a workforce numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

What truly makes Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group different is the amount of money they give to charity. They have provided many impoverished communities with financial support, paid school fees for countless needy students and helped countless struggling communities, charitable organizations and individuals by providing them with the resources they need.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:


Kevin Seawright- Financial Guru to Reckon

Kevin Seawright’s reputation in the financial and administrative operation world speaks for itself. He is an expert that is known for outdoing the rest in these two fields. Currently, Kevin works for Newark Economic Development Corporation.

His career has been built slowly through being a brilliant and reliable economic strategist. He has a reputation for being a success in leading companies in New Jersey reorganize their strategies.

Seawright has an interesting perspective and approach to life. His career has spanned both public and private sectors. His career in finance began with a government position in Maryland, Baltimore. Read more: Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

He moved into the private sector after a decade of serving in the public sector where he collected several awards related to his expertise. He had coined a name for himself as being an expert in construction and financial management industry, which contributed to earning him the position at Newark over a year ago.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is excited about the move taken by Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He is especially happy about the plans for Newark and the positive changes to be experienced. He is excited to be part of the team under Mayor Ras Baraka.

The economic model being developed for Newark makes use of capital for small business development, diverse communities, port, WI-FI access, and summer employment programs. This program has seen more than 3000 students in Newark get employment, which is one of the ways of encouraging economic development of Newark.

Seawright has dedicated his life towards helping urban cities develop and grow as well as to the changing lives of city residents. Kevin continues to become a success because he has tuned himself to be flexible as far as his thought process is concerned.

This way he is always able to adjust to changing situations and maintain a positive attitude all through. These are crucial elements for the adoption of creative solutions and the many wins he has been able to gain this far.

KevIN Seawright attributes his success to early introductions to matters of financé by his parents. He was able to work with youth programs and witness lives being changed in Philadelphia at the age of twelve.

This coupled with later diligence and dedication helped propel him into a success story that he is today.