Dick Devos Early Like and Interests

Rising to become a successful businessman is no easy task, and it all depends on the investment decisions that one makes. A close look at the lives of billionaires who have had immense success in business, one will notice that most of them started from a humble beginning. One such person is Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos started having an interest in business from a young age. During school breaks and holidays, he would take a keen interest when managing the family business.


Dick DeVos was born on the 21st of October of 1955 in Grand, Michigan, the same place where he grew up. As DeVos and his brother grew up, they spent some time in the family owned business, Amway. This is where Dick DeVos got his management skills. One of their duties during the annual meeting of Amway was to welcome visitors and show them around. He attended Northwood University from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In his lifetime, he has received several honorary doctorate awards.


Apart from business activities, he is also involved in charity work.  The organization offers education scholarship to needy students in Michigan and has helped many achieve their education dreams. Some of the beneficiaries attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy because of the passion that Dick DeVos has for flying. Other charity activities are in healthcare. He has funded several healthcare programs with some of them being the $212 convention center, $90 million worth of funding to several medical schools, $130 of funding to a heart hospital among many others.


Dick DeVos participated in one of the competitions in the Junior Day at Melges 32 Gold Cup that took place at the Ft Lauderdale on the 13th February 2016. The first day was just a normal day. However, the second day was more spectacular with additional three races, one of which Dick DeVos participated in one of them. There was a showdown in one of the races that Dick DeVos participated. Dick DeVos was leading by one point with the current World Champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG coming in the second position. There was an altercation in the fifth race. The race got tougher and by the end of the day, DeVos finished fifth.


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