Artwork and Weddings Combine

The wedding industry is filled to the brim with colorful displays and artful representations of physical and emotional love. When it comes to wedding ceremonies and after parties there is normally an emphasis on traditionalism, with many grooms and brides to be anxious about moving outside of basic, normative ideas of what a wedding should look like. Jessica Boskoff, and her company, Twenty Three Layers, offers a confident and worry free way to break away from tradition values and provides a contemporary and modern take on wedding presentation.

Instead of focusing on the basic white and pearl colors or normal weddings, Boskoff looks towards a variety of colors for wedding palettes. Using pastel coloring such as shades of pink, blue, yellow and green, Jessica Boskoff has moved away from drab repetition and allows her clients to enjoy their wedding, being able to compare it to a living work of art.

Deserts such as cupcakes and doughnuts, each decorated with different pastel colored frosting, perfectly match and assist the taste buds brought on by traditional wedding cakes. Alongside these delicious additions are stylish extras such as custom cut wooden lettering, beautiful flowers to dress furniture and table displays, and of course throw pillows and glass top furniture to tie everything together.

Through her colorful displays, creative and artistic designs and magnificent vision for what makes a perfect wedding, Jessica Boskoff and Twenty Three Layers provides excellent value and support for any couple looking to make an already incredibly memorable day an even greater and more extravagant time. Her modern take on more traditional events makes Jessica Boskoff a visionary in a world normally filled with designs and presentations that have already been tested and used before.

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