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Ockel is the sister company of Avanca, and the firm has been manufacturing Pocket PC. Recently Avanca and Newswatch worked together to assist Ockel market their Pocket PC during a crowdfunding campaign. Avanca is an award-winning designer and a developer of mobile accessories. Ockel has once again used the services of Newswatch during the Indiegogo campaign. The first campaign was a success, and according to reports it exceeded 2939%, and all the praises of the achievement were given to Newswatch. During the marketing campaign, Newswatch was responsible for all the logistics, the video production, filming, the post editing of the videos as well as all the traveling. Newswatch aired all the sections on their channels as well as all the online platforms.
Newswatch is a television show which was created with a primary purpose of airing celebrities’ news, consumer news, medical, government news, public service announcement, and mobile apps reviews among others. Newswatch airs their shows with technology, entertainment as well as consumer format. The Television began airing back in 1990, and it was established with a significant purpose of only airing financial news. Before long the television expanded and it now featured a more extensive range of story. Newswatch features both pay segment as well as the editorial parts.
Newswatch can well be described as a trusted partner in consumer and technology news as well as entertainment. The television currently airs on ION Network on a weekly basis and monthly on AMC Network. Newswatch has been in existence for over 27 years since it was founded and recently they celebrated their 10000 original episodes. Ever since they began featuring stories, the media company has featured more than 10000 individuals stories converging on a broad range of issues including, medical, entertainment, new products, public policy, travel, automotive, celebrities, among others. It a favorite place for most Americans and it reaches over 700 million people in the world.

Avi Weisfogel – Interests of a popular New Jersey Dentist

A new GoFundMe account was set up by Avi Weisfogel in efforts to collect money for an organization devoted to helping young children and their dental needs. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area who is passionate about his work and helping others, and that’s why he chose to help raise money for an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smiled help children all over the world with their dental needs. They have performed million of surgeries throughout the thirty years they’ve been in business, and Dr. Weisfogel is dedicated to helping raise funds to ensure that children always get the healthcare services they need. Operation Smile operates with volunteers and donations only, and has been able to perform surgeries related to cleft palates, cleft lips and other facial deformities. Their first mission was stationed in the Philippines in 1984. Bill and Kathy Magee are the founders and have been very dedicated to ensuring that children remain hopeful in their situations and have always made sure they treat each child as if it’s their very own. That is one thing that drew Dr. Weisfogel to the charitable organization. He has put $2000 of his very own money into the account to get it started, and he hopes that he can raise enough money to really help and make a donation to the wonderful organization.

Dental Sleep Masters is program that was developed by Dr. Weisfogel to help other dentist’s offices with patient’s who have sleep disorders. The program is dedicated to the education and proper structure identifying patient’s with sleep apnea and other disorder that disable and hinder their sleep. By identifying symptoms and helping the patient resolve their issue by an oral appliance or a CPAP machine, they can eliminate their sleep apnea and wake up feeling better.

Weisfogel is also very interested in making music and recording some popular tunes. He has recently taken up a love for hip hop music and has been spinning some tunes of his own. Be sure to check out his newest tunes and follow him on

Thor Halvorssen Provides Insight On The Election

It is easy to see why so many people are compelled by the ideals of socialism. After all, they are usually presented by pointed out a host of problems with a capitalist government. Issues of corruption and dishonesty and greed are often raised. These are legitimate problems that need to be confronted and dealt with. However, any government will have problems such as this. A capitalistic government is significantly more difficult for a greedy person to take advantage of, while a social government is very easy to take advantage of. This point was made by Thor Halvorssen in this video.


Political Prisoners

Since socialism makes it extremely easy for governments to take advantage of the citizens, it often leads to their taking of political prisoners for reasons that US citizens would think are unjust. Any passing glance at the history of socialism will lead one to this conclusion. Halvorssen and his family learned this the hard way. Members of his own family have been murdered by socialist governments. He currently has a cousin who is being kept as a political prisoner. This is more than a social issue for human rights activist and documentary film producer Halvorssen. It is a dire situation, and Americans cannot be unaware about the consequences of socialism.



There is a reason that the United States has always been so prosperous. The practice of free trade makes it possible for companies to compete with one another and to raise the prices at will. But when the government controls everything, poverty quickly follows. If a store cannot afford the prices that the government has mandated, they will go out of business. Manufacturers will not be able to produce their product. Poverty follows behind socialism. Thor Halvorssen pointed out that in socialistic governments, there are often food shortages for this reason.


The Lesser Evil

While he is deeply opposed to socialism as a model of government, Halvorssen is a Sanders supporter. That is because the other options in the election are far too treacherous. He objects that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be dangerous as world leaders.

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