Vash The Stampede Will Never Be Topped

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There are a lot of generic characters in any list of anime, but few of them have captured the imagination, action, and comedy of the genre quite like you get with Vash The Stampede. This is a character that sticks with you in a lot of different ways. There are a few reasons you should know who this incredible character is, and why you should be watching the series, Trigun.



A Comedic Action Series



Trigun is a futuristic anime, but also a comedic action series with a lot of different storylines in the manga series to consider. Creator Yasuhiro Nightow really outdid himself with the introduction of this outlaw. The main character, Vash, is a wanted man, the biggest bounty is on his head and the stories that are said about him in the anime are epic. The characters all fear, and loathe him, but doesn’t stop many from trying to capture him and collect the bounty. This leads to incredible gun play, and action sequences. But not without the comedy element.



The Comedy of “The Human Typhoon”



Imagine the quirks and comedic nature that comes with Marvel Comics’ character Deadpool, only in anime form. That’s what you get with the character. A lot of comedic quirks, lots of silliness and slapstick at times, only to find out that whomever tries to capture him, can’t do it, because he’s an incredible marksman and extreme bandit.



In the world of funny anime comedy, it’s hard to top characters that have super powers, and Vash walks the line. Somewhere between a super antihero, and a lovable character, he’s hard to catch, hard to top, and represents why Trigun today is an incredible anime to watch, if only for Vash’s antics and combat.



Trigun is the name of the series that features Vash The Stampede, and it is found on dvd, in manga books, and serials.