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Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC was founded by Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein offers legal advice concerning the benefits of employees. He has been a business lawyer for over 15 years. A law firm was established by Jeremy Goldstein in New York.


He has done transactions in big companies like Verizon. Jeremy Goldstein talks about corporate governance and issues in the executive compensation. He chairs the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Section.


Lower executive compensation is caused by knockout clauses. Earnings can be reflected upon well by the company’s annual proxy. The stock value of the firm is prevented from dropping by the employees. Share prices may go down thus making the staff members earn more, but they might also lose the benefits if it disappears.


Employees have not been given stock options from the past. This was done by firms so that they could save money. Companies thought the value of the stock could drop hence employees options could not be exercised. The compensation method worries the employees because the economy may go down.


Advantages of compensation include:


  1. It is an additional wage, equity and an insurance coverage.


  1. People are encouraged to work harder for the company’s success if the corporation’s share value goes up.


A firm can get benefits and avoid excessive costs by using strategies that are right if it awards employees. Benefits should not be eliminated if prices go up slightly employees can prevent it by cancelling when the share value has dropped.


There is more harm to the company when a CEO is replaced as a company director because he or she oversees the execution and development of a strategic plan for a company. Compensation programs should be viewed by companies.


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