Lacey and Larkin Expose Evil as They See It

Our world grows darker every minute. Nationalism and totalitarianism are wreaking havoc on our precious country. Tyranny rules us and evil dominates us. During this time of hardship, some brave people are taking a stand and saying that we will not have any of it.

These people stand for human rights which belongs to all of us for God created us in His image. Two of these people who are standing for the goodness and freedom are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have taken a stand against one who is known as America’s Toughest Sheriff. This man, whose real name is Sheriff Joe Arpaio and works for the Maricopa County, has committed atrocities against his fellow man.

It was Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who discovered these horrors and vowed that they would make them known. They did this by publishing their findings in the Phoenix New Times And The Village Voice media. What follows are the atrocities they discovered.

The first atrocity was that Sheriff Joe Arpaio replaced his old police officers with new officers who were known as being racially biased toward Latinos. The second atrocity was that he encouraged those racist police officers to beginning profiling racially and looking for illegal immigrants.

The third atrocity was Arpaio providing rewards for any police officer who was able to convict an illegal immigrant. The 4th was that he purposefully create jail cells to punish the Latinos for coming to this country. When Michael Lacey and Larkin discovered these things, they had to make them known. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Needless to say, when the news hit the stands a bunch of pressure came down on Sheriff Arpaio. In his anger, he went to those same racist police officers he hired and asked them if they would support him and gaining revenge against Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Of course, these morally depraved individuals said yes.

Sheriff Arpaio would use his connections to procure an illegal warrant to enter the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Once he was inside, he threatened that if they did not give him the evidence that they had, he would haul them off to jail. When they refused to give in, he made good on his threat. However, Sheriff Arpaio’s plan would backfire.

The story broke that a fascist man in Maricopa County by the name of Joe Arpaio had illegally detained two citizens without honoring their rights. Once this news broke, pressure forced Sheriff Arpaio to let them go free.

In the end, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would sue the Maricopa County and win millions in their settlement. They used this money to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Focus on the New Addition at Securus Technologies and CEO’s Comments on Customer Emails

Securus Technologies, a top provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities, announced that it had recruited a new sales executive. The new senior VP of sales, John Bell, joined the company back in December 30, 2015 to boost the company’s goals of developing an advanced and software-based sales team. The team was aimed at complementing the company’s expanded portfolio of products for the corrections and law enforcement sectors.

Rick Smith’s Views on the New Appointee

Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, stated that the company had invested around $600 million in acquiring and developing a number of safety, efficiency and security related products in the last three years. This necessitated the company to bring in a seasoned sales executive to spearhead the transformation and evolvement of its sales team to effectively present the company’s expanded product portfolio. He praised John Bell for building an outstanding reputation in his career especially in transforming organizational performance and culture. He brings 35 years experience of bringing about exceptional growth, performance and developing competent sales leaders to Securus. Mr. Bell has worked for IBM, which is the cream of high integrity, high-tech and leading sales business. Mr. Bell is a graduate of Holy Cross and went for postgraduate studies from the Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business.

Rick Smith’s Thoughts on Positive Emails from Customers

Securus Technologies offers products that are aimed at solving and also preventing crimes, including those committed by incarcerated persons. Securus Technologies plays an important role in making incarceration safer as opposed to leaving people to create worse situations. The company receives thousands of letters and emails from happy customers appreciating its work of keeping the society safe including the incarcerated persons and their families. Rick Smith stated that the company is honored for protecting and serving the community by ensuring safety is part of its DNA. The company takes this duty seriously as it manifests its social responsibility.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the president and CEO at Securus Technologies. He has worked with the company from 2008 in various positions. Before joining Securus Technologies, he used to work at Eschelon Telcom Incorporated in a number of positions. He worked at Frontier Corporation as the financial management vice president. He spent 20 years at the institution and furthered his career in a number of positions there. He also worked for Midwest Telephone Operations at some point in his life.Rick has an associate degree in the discipline of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering. He earned his degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also has an MBA and a Master’s degree from the University of Rochester and State University of New York (Brockport) respectively. He also holds a bachelor of science, electrical engineering degree from the State University of New York (Buffalo).

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, Arizona’s Breakthrough to Human Rights Compliance

America was founded on the basis of human rights. Since then, every American individual, including immigrants’ interests, are taken at heart.

Therefore, numerous organizations and groups have emerged to champion for human, civil, and migrant justice. Some of the groups are the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), and the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

CHIRLA is a country-based agency located in Los Angeles and is majorly interested in championing for immigrant rights. It was initially intended to operate locally but has massively grown beyond local boundaries and is now functioning at a national rank. This organization has since then strived to ensure that individuals, coalitions, and institutions are served with civil, human and labor rights in totality.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights has based its strongholds in building power, changing policies, and transforming public opinion which have been played a great role in pushing for new policies and laws that act in favor of the immigrant community. Similarly, CHIRLA has also been a part of movements that support policies and legislation that equally work for both migrant and immigrant communities. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The many advocacy partnerships with other organizations have been a major catalyst in ensuring that CHIRLA achieves its goals. Among the many networks, the organization has been able to work with the Coalition of Garment Worker Advocates (CGWA) which has till date exposed the numerous encroachment and abuse of labor laws with regards to Los Angeles garment monopoly. CGWA gave these workers the platform to communally coming up with alternatives to better their working conditions.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles has been among the oldest firms that have been on a forefront in seeking for immigrant justice. The organization was founded in 1986 by the Ford Foundation with an ultimate aim of enlightening immigrants on the Immigrant Reform and Control Act of that year.

The Ford Foundation, funded CHIRLA, greatly helped the organization to bring light to the unregistered immigrants know exactly how to go about to attain full citizenship.

CHIRLA was able to attain many achievements which include the passing of Assembly Bill 540 that was a doorway to tuition to the undocumented students. During this period, there was more focus on aiding the undocumented immigrants to get a formal legal status. After numerous attempts, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles was able to come up with a national hotline fashioned to interface immigrants who had been legalized.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey joined hands to fund and advocate for justice for the migrant rights organizations in Arizona after their arrest. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had arrested the two on October 18, 2007. Both of them had been brutally taken from their respective residents at night and put behind bars for bringing to light the reality of grand jury proceedings.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund aims to support organizations that champion human rights and the freedom of speech and expression in Arizona. Everyone deserves a right to express their views no matter their place in the society. The county was eventually brought to court for the violation of the two journalists’ first amendment rights.

A $3.75 Million Donation Energizes Immigrant Protection Campaigns

The Colibrí Center for Human Rights

The number of unauthorized migrants entering the U.S continues to dwindle. However, migrant death rates remain high. The United States southern border is famous for inhabiting unidentified migrant remains. Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin:

Many migrants die from hunger, diseases, and injuries as they escape border police. These migrants use the treacherous terrains to avoid capture. Families of migrants who die as they struggle to make into the U.S never find out what happened to their children, parents, brothers, or sisters.


The Colibrí Center for Human Rights, an organization that employs science in the identification of dead bodies seeks to help such families with information about their loved ones. The center created the Missing Migrant Project to ensure that these remains are returned to their families, which is their right. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Migrant Lives Matter

Firstly, the Center talks to families to obtained detailed forensic reports about the dead or missing person. Secondly, they coordinate with nonprofit organizations and forensic anthologists for additional information.

Thirdly, they gather, input, and track data on the dead and missing individuals on the U.S- Mexico border. Finally, they help medical examiners identify the remains, which are then returned to their families.

American Immigration Council

This is a body based out in Washington D.C. The group came together to honor migrant history in the country by shaping how the American population act towards migrants.

They teach the American people the role that migrants have played and continue to play towards the development of the rich American culture. Lacey and Larkin do so by organizing educational programs and sometimes exchange programs.

They have put in place legal and policy frameworks that foster humane immigration policies, achieve justice for immigrants under the law, and ensure immigration laws honor constitutional mandates as well as human rights.


Working on such issues is difficult at times because of a lack of information. In the case of American Immigration Council, they work with the American Immigration Lawyers Association who informs them of abuses.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Recently, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media boosted the efforts of these immigrant organizations by donating to them $3.75 million.

The donation arises from the two media guru’s arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on October 18, 2007. The money goes towards helping civil, human, and migrant rights organizations on the Mexican border.

A Review Of Anthony Petrello’s Illustrative Career

Graduates who join a company as junior employees are usually ambitious to serve as the CEOs of such corporations after some years. However, few individuals manage to get to apex of a corporation. Hard work combined with outstanding personal qualities such as creative thinking, natural talent, and high quality business acumen are some of the factors that have seen Tony Petrello succeed in his career. The CEO of Nabors Industries has played a pivotal role in enhancing the success of the company. The corporation owns the world largest network of offshore oil and gas drilling platforms.

Tony Petrello has a sound educational background. In his formative years, Tony attended public schools in Newark, New Jersey. In the town, the young Petrello was known for his amazing math abilities. His excellence in this area saw many universities show interest in enrolling him. Some of these institutions include the prestigious Yale University. When the institution offered him a scholarship to pursue a degree in mathematics, Petrello accepted the offer immediately. He knew that the scholarship would enhance his math abilities. For purposes of growing his abilities and nurturing his talents, Yale asked Serge Lang to be Tony’s mentor. Lang is an established professor, author, and above all, a renowned mathematician.

Tony Petrello enjoyed every moment of being at the university. Students and lecturers who interacted and taught him respectively posited that he was a good student with an outgoing personality and a lovely sense of humor. Tony had many friends. One of them was a lovely lady named Cynthia. Cynthia is an actor, soap opera producer, and a dancer. The two have now been married for over three decades.

Despite of being a successful mathematics student, Tony decided to change his career path. He enrolled for a law degree at the Harvard Law School. This move surprised many people. However, the executive believed that it was the right career move for him. He graduated from the law school in 1979 and immediately joined Baker & McKenzie, a renowned law firm in the US. After rendering his services at the firm for seven years, Petrello was appointed to serve as the entity’s managing partner in New York.

When Nabors was scouting for individuals who would provide visionary leadership, they came across Tony’s resume and were impressed. The management of the company decided to enlist for his services. Although they believed that he would turn them down, they still forwarded the offer. To their disbelief, Tony accepted the offer as it provided him with a unique opportunity to add a new cap to his impressive career. Tony joined Nabors in 1991 as the chief operating officer. Presently, he is the president and chairman of the noble organization.

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Why InnovaCare Chose to Invest in the best Human Resource

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health and has more than twenty years’ experience of specialization in Medicaid and Medicare. She has a degree in medicine and has also pursued post masters studies in the same field. Penelope Kokkinides was the executive vice president of Centre HealthCare and was responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of the care division. Penelope Kokkinides is recognised for her contribution to the implementation of healthcare models that work for corporate firms.Dr Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare. He studied medicine in New York before moving to Southern California to pursue his career and has more than twenty years work experience in the medical field. Before, he worked at NAMN California and Medical Pathways.

According to Dr Richard Shinto, InnovaCare is aligning medical care to the cultural variances of the population. Dr Richard Shinto’s work has been recognised by various institutions. He received an award for provision of improved access to healthcare services in Western University.A healthy nation is one that has access to good Healthcare services. InnovaCare HealthCare located in North America understands this too well and provides quality health services to the residents. Thanks to InnovaCare HealthCare, the residents of North America have quick access to high standards of medical services. They get first class services at an affordable price thus no one is left out. There have been constructive changes at InnovaCare Health since 2016 that saw the appointment of new staff as earlier discussed. InnovaCare prioritises the patient’s concerns above anything and holds the stakeholders accountable for transparency at work.

Team work is encouraged in order to address the challenges facing the organization. Experienced leadership is important to meet the goals of any organization and InnovaCare health has invested a lot in its leadership by sourcing for the best in the market. The organization is dedicated to creating lasting good relationships with its clients. Relationships are the founding stone for any successful business by Rick Shinto. InnovaCare Health appreciates that without establishing lasting relationships with its clients, the firm will not last long.InnovaCare also appreciates the important role of technology in improving health care services. They have fully adopted technology and use high end equipment to treat their patients. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to address the many challenges that are facing the health care department in North America and all over the world by adopting technology.

Jose Henrique Borghi – Leading Name in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi has achieved tremendous success in the Brazilian advertising industry, and it is all because of his unconventional ideas and ad campaigns that he has created for his clients over the years. Jose Borghi is the man behind one of the most popular advertisements of all time that he created and conceptualized for wildlife conservation. The ad named “Mammals of Parmalat” is still remembered by many as one of the most inspiring ads ever created in Brazil.

Jose Henrique Borghi currently holds the designation of co-CEO at the third largest advertising agency in Brazil, Mullen Lowe Brazil. Jose has played a very significant role in the success of the advertising agency and has also helped it get some of the big accounts. Even though Jose Borghi has worked with many companies over the years, some of his clients that are worth mentioning are Mitsubishi, Unilever, and Fiat. The advertising campaign designed by Jose Henrique Borghi for Fiat Automobiles helped the company achieve great success after entering the Brazilian market, and achieve its sales target quite easily.

Jose Borghi graduated in Marketing from the leading institution in the country, Pontifical Catholic University. He has worked with some of the top most advertising firms in the country, such as FCB, Talent, Leo Burnett, and DM9DDB. Working with the top ad agencies helped him gain the experience as well as the exposure needed to survive in this highly challenging and competitive profession.Jose Borghi has won many awards in the advertising world, including 20 Awards at the Cannes Film Festival, 16 Abril Awards, 7 Awards at the London Film Festival, 15 Awards at the New York Film Festival, and more. One of the reasons he continues to enjoy continuous patronage of his clients is that he has managed to deliver consistent results in the advertising business to his clients over the years, and he does so by providing unique and out-of-the-box solutions.

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Mike Baur Continues His Mission of Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

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A lot of countries are beginning to recover from economic hard times. European countries, in particular, have suffered the most loss in recent years. But because of entrepreneurs like Mike Baur, Europe, as a whole, is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mike Baur started out working in the banking industry of Switzerland. He always had a love for finance and parleyed that into a 20-year career in high-profile banking. He worked from the two biggest banks in Switzerland, UBS and Clariden Leu. The only reason he stopped is because he wanted to start investing in startup companies.

He had gained quite a bit of entrepreneurial experience before joining Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Together, the three co-founded Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). Swiss Startup Factory is the biggest startup sponsoring company in Switzerland. Their main focus is counseling and financially supporting young tech entrepreneurs.

Baur is the most avid supporter of young entrepreneurs out of the three founders. He’s participated in the START Summiteer contest, where he served as a jury member. He’s also the go-to guy when it comes to many of SSUF’s partnerships. He even oversees much of SSUF’s Accelerator Program.

Baur’s passion for inspiring the next generation has taken him to many festivals, conferences, and forums. One forum, in particular, WORLDWIDEFORUM 2017, is on his “to visit” list. The ETH Zurich forum is one of the biggest events for young Swiss businessmen. There are three main speakers speaking at this year’s ETH Zurich.

The first is Lino Guzzella, President of ETH Zurich. Mr. Guzzella is a full professor of thermotronics and studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. He has a doctoral degree, earned from ETH Zurich. Before joining ETH, he worked in the research and development department of Sulzer. In 1993, he joined ETH as an assistant professor.

The next speaker is Laurent Vanbever, an Assistant Professor. Mr. Vanbever joined ETH in 2015. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and his research mostly focuses on the crossroads between theory and practice. He’s a multi-award winning researcher. His revelations and discovers are world renowned.

The last speaker is Ankit Singla, another Assistant Professor. Ankit also has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, but he also has a Bachelors degree in Technology. Ankit only joined ETH last year.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently the co founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. He has been in charge of this innovative company ever since its inception a few years ago. Swiss Startup Factory is a company that helps entrepreneurs reach higher levels of success. This company provides mentorship and financing in order to help businesses reach their goals more easily. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike Baur has also been a very active investor as well. He has spent a number of years investing in numerous startup companies. This allowed him to come up with the knowledge and experience necessary to found his company as well as learn more about the potential of startup companies. At the beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry where he would regularly help businesses get funding and guidance on how to better manage their business finances.


A few years ago, Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory in order to capitalize on the growing number of startups in Switzerland. Fortunately for Mike he has a lot of experience with these types of businesses and has therefore put himself in position to make this company successful. He adopted one of the more innovative business models around. The company holds an event where a number of entrepreneurs can attend and pitch their business idea. Mike will then evaluate each idea and then choose which ones are most likely to succeed. Once chosen, these businesses will receive a number of different forms of assistance. They will get coaching, advisement, mentoring and financing.


After choosing a number of businesses, Swiss Startup Factory will begin helping companies by giving them advice on how to reach their goals. The company will help startups find ways to increase their revenue, lower their costs, manage debt and also market their company more effectively. As a result, these startup companies will be in position to maximize the efficiency of their operations and eventually succeed.


Along with offering mentoring and coaching, Swiss Startup Factory will also provide funding to a number of businesses. This will be in the form of investment capital. Since Mike spent a number of years investing in startups, he will continue doing this activity with his company. By investing in startups, Baur will be able to help various companies finance their operations as well as earning profitable returns. Therefore, Swiss Startup Factory has proven to be an ideal source of funding for many startups in Switzerland.


Hussain Sajwani; Co-Founder of DAMAC, and a Renowned Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known business person in the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani is also the co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of DAMAC. Apart from that, he is an excellent friend to President Donald Trump. Sajwani and Trump are not just billionaires, both are sharks when it comes to the real estate business.

Concerning Sajwani being a renowned entrepreneur in the real estate sector, we can see that he launched DAMAC organization. When it comes to the real estate business in the United Arab Emirates, DAMAC is well known for the best marketing stunts. When it comes to marketing tricks, DAMAC offers a free Bentley for every luxury apartment. Recently, Sajwani and Donald Trump ventured into establishing a golf course within the newly established project. The golf course is superbly remarkable as compared to others.

Apart from dealing in the real estate business, Hussain Sajwani also dealt in the food business. Mr. Sajwani ventured into the food business in the 1980s. In the food sector, Mr. Sajwani’s company dealt in offering catering services to Abu Dhabi as well as some contracts with the US army. Since venturing into the food business, many years have passed now. During his period as a freshman in the corporate sector, his ambition could be seen from afar. Sajwani’s dream opened up to the public when he declared that the food business could only make one earn millions, not billions. Since then, we can see that Hussain Sajwani has ensured that his dream of becoming a billionaire has become real. Sajwani has achieved his goal by making sure that DAMAC has thrived as the real estate kingpin in the United Arab Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani is a man full of ambition; with that, he decided to launch DAMAC properties in the year 2002. After the launching of DAMAC, Sajwani built state of the art developments and eventually marketed his company’s products in an aggressive manner. As a start-up company in 2002, DAMAC was able to thrive due to off-plan sales. Since the launching of DAMAC Properties to date, a significant growth has been recognized.

Another important aspect of the life of Hussain Sajwani as a businessperson is his affluence to the Current US President. Mr. Sajwani and Trump have been friends for many years. Also, they are friends when it comes to both family matters as well as business matters. Donald Trump as the current US President is no longer in making current deals while in office. Trump’s legacy is to be continued by his children. Hence, Hussain Sajwani will continue to work hand in hand with Trump’s children.


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