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Paul Wesley was born on July 23rd in the year 1982 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Paul is from a Polish background with Polish parents and three siblings one that is older and two younger siblings.

Paul has a very decorated career past, he has wore several different hats such as actor, director and yes even producer. In the year 2014 Paul co-respondent and also helped produce a title called Before I disappear. Another accomplishment of 2014 was that Paul co-stared in a different title called Amira and Sam also Paul is not just well known on your TV sets as he also co-leader in a off-site Broadway production called Cal in Camo.

Paul Wesley

In 2010 Paul won the young Hollywood awards for his work on Vampire diaries, he then also won the Teen choice award and in 2014 he again won the young Hollywood awards all for his work and dedication for the vampire diaries.

Paul Wesley

“I’ve always been interested behind the camera.” Paul claims “with all due respect to the vampire diaries doing the same thing over and over again for essentially five years straight, it really becomes loborious and tedious, and it becomes a job.” This was mentioned in an interview after his slice as producer for Before I disappear.

Paul Wesley

All in all Paul Wesley has soared in his career in the media field between co-stared in the vampire diaries for over eight years. To testing his strength as a producer and director in before I disappear and Cal in Camo plus a few more titles. I expect and hope we’ll be seeing many more pieces from out one and only Paul Wesley in the near future.