Be Bold like Doe Deere

We all have dreams, but some of us don’t try our hand at the things we love and want to do. A woman who is a great example of going for her dream with all that she’s got is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the power house that started the makeup brand called Lime Crime. Learn more:

She’s someone who knows that to make it in your passion, you have to have perseverance and passion to keep it up. From nail polish to lipsticks and almost any type of makeup item that you can think of, Lime Crime is a successful brand that is geared towards ladies like Doe Deere—women who like to wear bright colors and do things differently. Learn more:

What has she done right that has led her to being the successful businesswoman she is now? Here are some examples:

  • She knew that she wanted to be in cosmetics and she went for this dream with all that she had.
  • She kept working hard and persevered through the challenging times because she knew what she wanted to achieve.
  • She loved what she was doing which helped to soften the difficulty and made it enjoyable.
  • She was open to new ideas. She had originally started an eBay account for clothing, but liked to use bright colors to get attention. When she discovered that bright makeup was hard to come by, she realized that she had something to offer.
  • She has also been an example of how it’s important to have tough skin when it comes to being a career woman with an iconic product. There will always be haters, but Doe Deere proves that you don’t have to pay attention to negativity when it comes to making your business work.
  • She shows that you don’t have to start out big. Her small beginnings in Lime Crime are far behind her, but it wouldn’t have been this way if she hadn’t kept on persevering through the times when Lime Crime had yet to become a household name.

Lime Crime is a company that offers cruelty free make-up that is safe to use and provides customers with plenty of colorful and unique cosmetics to choose from. From glitter to fluorescent colors, Lime Crime doesn’t hold back. Learn more: