The Academy of Art University Holds a Fashion Show to Mark the New York Fashion Week

September is always a special time to be in the Big Apple, especially if you are a fashion enthusiast. It’s the month when the entire fashion fraternity converges to the city for the New York Fashion Week. In tandem with that theme, the Academy of Art University organized a fashion event to showcase some of their outstanding designs. The academy chose the Skylight Clarkson Square as the venue to début new fashion collections by their postgraduate students.


The designers from the academy wowed the audience with their awe-inspiring collections. America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander was among the celebrity guests and judges who graced the fashion showcase event by the Academy of Art University.


Promising Artists Discovered


The fashion event was an utter success. By the end of the night, the world had been introduced to some of the most promising talents to watch out for in the lucrative high-end fashion design space. The beautiful and remarkably talented Chinese fashion maestro, Qing Dao was among the most talked about artist that day. Qing Dao marveled the capacity crowd with her surreal concepts. Her fashion designs and collections are surely poised to dominate the fashion show runways for years to come.


Another designer who impressed was Eden Slezin. Eden is an alumnus of the art academy who went on to forge a solid name and reputation in the fashion design world upon graduating.


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About Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is an accredited private school in San Francisco. Since its humble inception in 1929, the school’s risen to be the undisputed number one design center in the state and indeed the nation.


Today, the center occupies an entire block of the New Montgomery Street near San Francisco’s market district. The schools’ motto aptly reads, ‘Built by artists for artists’. Its founder is the respected teacher, painter, journalist and American investor, Richard S. Stephens.


As of 2017, the prestigious Academy of Art University had a student population of 12,600. The academy has recruited professional tutors from all corners of the world. The center currently employs around 280 full-time tutors and an estimated 1,100 part-timers.


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