Fabletics is More Than Just a Daytime Excursion

According to the official Wikipedia page, Fabletics is a fashion line created by Kate Hudson. It’s a line built for women who want something awesome and sexy but that don’t want to have to put out a lot of effort into what they wear. This is why fabletics is so perfect. It’s made from material that does not easily wrinkle.

So, you can accomplish several things. You can wear an athletic outfit to bring to the gym and bring another one for the after workout entertainment without whipping out an iron or having to stick it in a dryer. The next thing you can accomplish with her line is getting it to go directly into the night time. This stuff is so fantastic, it can go right into a date night. Basic colors is what it’s all about with Fabletics. Then, you mix and match with bold colors and you are off!

You don’t just Buy–you Subscribe

Yes, you heard right. In a Pinterest pin it was found that you don’t simply buy from the Kate Hudson Fabletics line–you subscribe to it. Yes, this is an ingenious method of sales. But, it’s also a really big plus for all her fans an the fans of the Fabletics line. Here’s how it works. You pay a specified amount for your membership.

You can choose between a standard or VIP membership. The first outfit is only $25 then all subsequent outfits are generally around $50 for a few great pieces. You pay a specified amount per month and if you think you have enough Fabletics, you can even skip a month but we doubt you will. It’s so affordable and so much fun why would you stop at only a few?

New Line for the Sun Shine

A new line for the sunshine is in. That means you get to enjoy a tropical and nautical and tribal influenced line of bold colors and styles. That’s right, and they are made with the same comfort and style as the main line with no need for a bra or spanx it’s a dream for what Kate refers to as the “lazy girl” fashion style.