Plan Your NYC Corporate Event with Twenty Three Layers

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If you are planning a corporate event, then there are many things that you need to consider. Top on your list should be hiring a professional who will lead you each step of the way so that your event is a huge success.


Consider the Type of Event


There are many different types of corporate events that you might want to consider. These include:


  • Appreciation events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Executive retreats
  • Holiday parties
  • Product launch events



Set a Budget


After you have decided on the type of event, then it is important to set a budget. Almost any type of event can be done on any budget, but it is important to determine what you are willing to spend. As a business executive, you know how important it is to consider your return on investment.


Find a Professional


You have probably gone to some top-notch events. Find out who they use as event planning companies in NYC. Invite them to come meet with you in your office or go to their location. Bring along your ideas, and be willing to listen to ideas of what they have done in the past.


One company that you will want to consider is Twenty Three Layers. Their professional team has worked with many corporate executives to organize events. They have a strong reputation with all the major NYC venues.


Hire the Right Planner


After you have listened to several proposals, then choose the one that seems the best fit. Just like hiring an employee to fill a key position, the first one may not be the right one for you. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk to the company about the problems. When necessary, consider firing them and hiring someone else.


Following these steps allows you to plan a great corporate event. Impress your employees or your clients by hosting one very soon. Start by hiring event planners in NYC.




The Importance Of Thorough Research

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One of the most important things to do for any company in any industry is to research that company. The same could be said for anyone that is looking for an event planning company in NYC. Now, when people think about research, they think word of mouth is good enough for event planners in NYC. While word of mouth can give an indication on the quality of the event planner, it should not be the sole indicator of the quality of the event planning company, especially with the availability of the internet when it comes to looking for information.

There are a lot of things that go into researching a company. For one thing, it is important to know the history of the company. It is not just enough to hear about all the good word of mouth. It is also important for people to check out the different clients that have less than glowing reviews. There are some reviews that are worth reading because they go into the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the company. It is not necessarily a negative review. As a matter of fact, some of the most positive reviews go into some of the weaknesses of the company as well. One could also look into the history of the company.

Now a company with a great history and reputation is 23 Layers. They show a great track record for not only pleasing their clients, but they also show that they are one of the most creative types of event planners. They also show a lot of joy and professionalism in their work. They are also willing to consult the client when they come up with something that they believe will be a better idea than original. Given their experience in the industry, 23 Layers does show that it is in touch with what guests would want from an event.

Find them in NY

Artwork and Weddings Combine

The wedding industry is filled to the brim with colorful displays and artful representations of physical and emotional love. When it comes to wedding ceremonies and after parties there is normally an emphasis on traditionalism, with many grooms and brides to be anxious about moving outside of basic, normative ideas of what a wedding should look like. Jessica Boskoff, and her company, Twenty Three Layers, offers a confident and worry free way to break away from tradition values and provides a contemporary and modern take on wedding presentation.

Instead of focusing on the basic white and pearl colors or normal weddings, Boskoff looks towards a variety of colors for wedding palettes. Using pastel coloring such as shades of pink, blue, yellow and green, Jessica Boskoff has moved away from drab repetition and allows her clients to enjoy their wedding, being able to compare it to a living work of art.

Deserts such as cupcakes and doughnuts, each decorated with different pastel colored frosting, perfectly match and assist the taste buds brought on by traditional wedding cakes. Alongside these delicious additions are stylish extras such as custom cut wooden lettering, beautiful flowers to dress furniture and table displays, and of course throw pillows and glass top furniture to tie everything together.

Through her colorful displays, creative and artistic designs and magnificent vision for what makes a perfect wedding, Jessica Boskoff and Twenty Three Layers provides excellent value and support for any couple looking to make an already incredibly memorable day an even greater and more extravagant time. Her modern take on more traditional events makes Jessica Boskoff a visionary in a world normally filled with designs and presentations that have already been tested and used before.

Check out Twenty Three Layers:

Event Planning Companies in New York

New York Event Planner DeJuan Stroud, known for his over-the-top parties and magnificent floral décor, is on a mission to provide you with beautiful floral inspirations. He has even worked with such clients as Jon Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. Big names like Trump expect to work with the best in the business, so DeJuan pushes himself creatively to be the best that he can be. DeJuan believes the key elements of a successful party include an exciting environment that makes people comfortable, good lighting, and something that will hold people’s attention. He also mentions that family style food service is increasingly becoming popular as well as varying up the types of seating at an event, such as round tables, long tables, and lounge seating. Simple flower arrangements featuring one type of flower are also popular.

DeJuan Stroud gets inspired by nature for his floral creations and table settings. There are so many different colors in nature that it is easy to choose colors that work well with each other and complement each other nicely. His love of flowers came about while he was gardening with his parents and grandmother. He knew right then that that is what he was passionate about. He gained the knowledge of flower arranging while working in a flower shop in high school. Soon, he began developing his own style and started his own business, which is located in New York City.

Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company based in New York City. At Twenty Three Layers, they offer one-of-a-kind celebrations that will knock other parties out of the park. Their services include catering, floral design, venue selection, lighting, photography, entertainment, branding, and custom printing. Jessica and Sarah, the team at Twenty Three Layers, is dedicated in providing a wonderful atmosphere that is unique and stylish while adding a personal touch as well. They have years of experience under their belt, so you don’t have to worry about being unhappy with the result. They are a sought after event planning company that people demand to have because of the amazing job they do. With creative and energetic minds, you will not be disappointed in your next event. Learn more about event planners from NYC.