Financial Success

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NexBank has promised a $50 million dollar loan to assist the Affordable Housing Loan Program for low income homebuyers in the Dallas, Texas area. In addition, NexBank has partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to provide financial counseling services to prospective homeowners. Title fees and closing costs are also reduced by up to $2,000.00 for individuals working with NexBank affiliates. NexBank is working diligently to increase mortgage lending ability for needy families.

NexBank specializes in mortgage, commercial, investment, and personal consumer financial needs. Commercial banking offers many services such as; commercial and commercial real estate lending, credit services, agency service, and treasury management. Mortgage banking helps meet warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending needs. Investment banking offers mergers and acquisition advisory services, corporate finance support, recapitalization and restructuring advisory services, operations and real estate advisory, as well as industry coverage.

When NexBank is utilized as an individual or business’s financial institution then they become their client. NexBank has a client approach culture of care. Becoming a client means becoming NexBank’s top priority. Meeting and exceeding client’s financial needs has been the culture of care for NexBank for over 100 years, helping achieve both personal and business financial success!