James O’Keefe’s Plan To Infiltrate George Soros’s Foundation Are Exposed

James O’Keefe’s attempt to creep into an organization funded by George Soros was tripped because he failed to hang up the phone. Initially, the conservative activist, James, had made a call to the Open Society Foundation. He identified himself as Victor Kesh and left a message. However, because he did not hang up, his entire conversation with unidentified individual were captured in the voicemail.

In the voicemail, O’Keefe talks about Kesh being a Hungarian-American. He adds that he would love to contribute towards aiding in the fight for European values. The voicemail was left in Dana Geraghty’s phone. Kesh’s ends the call after asking Dana for a contact person and leaving his number. Before ending the call, O’Keefe is heard telling an unidentified person not to utter a word before he hangs up the phone. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

O’Keefe engages in a 10-minute deliberation regarding his actual plan against the group. At some point during his discussion about the plan, Kesh highlights his scheme of using Dana’s LinkedIn page. Through the page, Kesh believes that he will be able access vital information that will aid in finding his way to Soros. However, he realizes that by so doing, he will be exposing himself to Dana through his own LinkedIn account.

While giving her account of events, Dana posited that she was scared to know that the group would use her as the point of entry. Dana was convinced that the group was not used to technology. After receiving the voicemail, Chris Stone, derided their attempt to use Dana as their door to the organization. The president of the foundation went on to assert that Watergate burglars were smart compared to James’s group. Chris posited that if the group would not be able to use internet browser, they could not be able to undertake an undercover operation. This information was originally published on Raw Story as posited in the following link http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/busted-conservative-prankster-james-okeefe-exposes-his-own-sting-on-george-soros-group/

About George Soros

George Soros is considered to be among the highest contributors to Hilary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. In December, Soros contributed $ 6 million to Priorities USA Action. This contribution was reported in the Federal Election Commission disclosures of the group. The $6 million contribution to the Super PAC makes it $ 8 million for the 2016 cycle. This amount exceeds the funds he contributed to political cycles in 2012 and 2014. George Soros is influential in liberal political projects. In the recent past, George has been modest in his political spending.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundation with the objective of having open societies. Over the years, George Soros’s Foundations have paid school fees for many promising and needy students around the globe. In most instances, the foundation focuses on the young people from different marginalized groups and refugees from war zones. Soros has been instrumental in establishing an international system. This system focuses on augmenting accountability and transparency of companies engaged in the extraction of natural resources. See: http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp