Securus Technologies receive raving customers’ reviews

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of technological solutions for incarceration facilities to ensure public safety and to aid in investigations, monitoring as well as correction measures. Recently, I came across a press release by this company that showed customers’ comments about their services.


The number of comments is huge, meaning Securus Technologies is doing a commendable job. But before we see some of those comments, who is Securus Technologies? It is a technology company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has over 3500 correctional facilities under its wings across North America.


In one of the comments, the customer talked about how Securus Technologies helped them arrest one of their corrupt stuff thanks to helping they received from Securus company. Also, due to the company’s ability to monitor phone calls coming in and out of prisons, the agencies were able to get vital information that led to the unearthing of usage and sale of illegal drugs.


Also, the company helps them curb the movement of contraband goods into and out of the facility.


I’m sure without Securus Technologies; this couldn’t have happened. It is hard to nap some of the inmates because they are very crafty when doing something illegal; after all, what do you think brought them in? But with Securus Technologies sophisticated software, such things do not happen.


If you doubt me, ask yourself why this customer I read his comments saying that they have been using Securus Technologies services for ten years now. It is because this company puts forward their clients’ needs before anything else. They have a mission of ensuring that the public is safe.


The software used is to track and recover lost, stolen or contraband goods is called LBS software. And one customer mentioned that this software helped them recover goods worth millions. One of the comments also mentioned that use of LBS software along with Investigator Pro is enough to steer Securus Technologies to the top.


As you can see, all the mentioned services helped the incarceration centers to provide adequate services, for instance, investigation and gathering of evidence to assist in building a case.


I’m sure without Securus Technologies, the brothers and sisters behind bars would still be causing havoc outside through coordination. Plus, there could be a rise in cases of drug use which may lead to death.


Securus Technologies’ Advocacy for Safety

Securus Technologies is an organization specializing in the providence of technology solutions regarding civil and criminal justice cases for the enhancement of public safety. Recently, Securus reviewed various comments to determine the impact of their services on correctional facilities and public safety. The detailed comments concerning the use of technology in the curbing of crime cases were generated from letters and emails. According to Richard Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO, the company augments new services and items that aid correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies to find solutions for the prevention of crime. I postulate that Securus Technologies inventories are designed to meet the evolving needs of the security department that are often expanding. Additionally, customer feedback regarding the quality and effectiveness of the services produced is the determinant for the next step in the advancement of security.


Monitoring calls in an aspect that Securus employs to prevent crime occurrence. The information monitored constituted of every aspect of an inmates’ details including the detainee’s alcohol use, access to cellular gadgets and money transfer details. Additionally, Securus Technologies has advanced its investigative tools thus giving staffs the opportunity to conduct investigations efficiently. In my opinion, Securus motives of crime prevention push the company to implement sophisticated devices that protect both the employees and inmates duly.


The Dallas-based profit prison technology firm was established in 1986. The organization’s operation is expanded and carries out activities in various states including Texas, Atlanta, and Allen. Besides operating in states, Securus Technologies’ impacts are recognized in different nations including Canada and the United States. I provide that with the expansion of a leading provider of technology to state jails and correctional facilities, the security sector will overtime experience positive transformation. Additionally, the company’s investments associating acquisition of patents and technologies is a contributor to minimizing crimes. In my opinion, Securus Technologies is a significant organization in the advocacy of safety matters.


Securus Technologies Helping Officers Collect Evidence

One of my jobs as a crime scene investigator is to go wherever necessary to collect evidence of a crime. If a suspect is in custody, then I have to make sure that I collect the evidence in a way that will help the police get the conviction. If my work is sloppy or the evidence is not substantial, the lawyers could have the case tossed due to insufficient evidence. This month we were in a very bad spot because all the signs pointed to the scene being cleaned by the suspect, so we were working with barely anything for that conviction.


It was clear from the start that the suspect had a hand in cleaning the crime scene and eliminating key evidence. We knew he had to have help because he was arrested almost immediately after the crime, yet we could not come up with the weapons and tools used in the crime. With the suspect in jail and the case pending, we knew that we had only a limited amount of time to locate the proof or the suspect would eventually be free due to lack of evidence.


When we learned the prison had Securus Technologies install their inmate call monitoring system throughout the facility, we thought that we might have a chance at getting that evidence another way. We let our suspect know we were in the jail, and we began asking questions and letting other inmates know we were close to breaking the case. The word would get to our suspect, who we hoped would run to the phones. As expected, he reached out over the phone to his family and began inquiring if they took care of all the things he asked. When there was apprehension, he told his brother it needed to be done now before my team found it.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, we did a stake-out and the brother lead us right to the evidence we needed.


Our Future Securus Technology

Securus is a Prison technology company that serves the USA; their headquarters is in Dallas Texas. The company started in 1986. They are one of the leaders in criminal and civil technology. Richard A. Smith is the CEO and Chairman. He states his company wants to better the prison and jail environment as well as prevent and solve crimes.


When I say they serve the USA I really mean it.


They have the Public Safety Solutions: This serves the cities and law enforcement agencies by giving them access to critical information in emergencies.

They have the Investigative Solutions: This have tools to help give them leads on demand.

They have the Corrections Solutions: This give inmates an opportunities to talk to their friends and families on the telephone.

They have the Monitoring Solutions: This track adults and juvenile while on house release.


The customers are very satisfied with Securus’ services. A customer wrote saying because of Securus’ phone service they were able to arrest a dishonest staff member. Another customer was satisfied because of the phone monitoring in the prison they were able to get information of wrong doings. One customer was satisfied with the covert alert feature because they were able to take a suspect into custody. Last but not least a customer is satisfied with the LBS services and the Investigator Pro.


Securus Technology is the best thing I have heard in a long time concerning reducing crime and at the same time apprehending the real criminals. They also make prison life better and give them a future hope of having an opportunity when they are released. We all know technology is growing fast and most likely will continue to grow. It’s the best thing we have; along with DNA.


Securus launches an Innovative Video Visitation Services

Many families are devastated by the news that their loved ones ending up serving time in prison or jails. This is even harder for couples who are married or even worse raising a kid. Traveling to and from jail for the family can be quite costly and a time-consuming affair.


Most kids with parents in prisons or jails are forced up to grow without the love or care of a parent. They only get to see their parents through visitations that sometimes are hard to arrange or make to. With Securus Technologies, visitation will never be the same again. The firm has introduced a transformed video visitation that will enable incarcerated parents to help their spouses with some of the parenting responsibilities.


Through the video visitation systems, incarcerated parents will be able to follow up on their children’s growth by being able to review the kids’ academic progress, such as being involved with their homework, and providing them with career guidance.



 Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of trying to make life a little better for those families through their communication services. In a recent demonstration through a video. Securus has displayed their latest innovation to the inmate communication industry.


They have launched a video visitation program that will enable inmates and their families to interact with each other. This will work like Skype. The inmate shall have both audio and video equipment at a booth provided by Securus and the person on the other end shall have audio and video equipment to facilitate communication


Through Securus, inmates shall now enjoy the technology of today and try to make up for the limited interactions with their families. Inmates who are parents will be able to take a role in the raising of their kids through scheduling video visitation and doing activities together.


A parent shall now be able to interact with their kids when they are doing things like homework or enjoying their birthday parties. Experts say that this will help in reuniting families who were divided by the member serving time.


Broken families are usually the roots of problems in the society. The breaking of families due to separation is expected to plummet because both parents shall be able to work to work together in shaping the life of their kids.


Securus is a Texas company that has been operational for more than forty years. Their services begun with calls services but the company has increased their catalog of services over the years to cover all aspects of modern society.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.