Ross Abelow – A Cut Above The Rest

Confidentiality is extremely important when a person is in need of legal representation. For many people, it is very difficult for them to trust someone. They need to remember that the lawyer that they hire has to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Under these rules, they must seek complete confidentiality with the cases they take on. This includes information about their client. They are not able to divulge this information or they can be disbarred and unable to practice law anymore.

Ross Abelow’s Integrity

A New York lawyer named Ross Abelow is known for his integrity and dedication when he pursues a case. His specialties in the legal field include commercial and litigation law. He is also adept at family and matrimonial law. This means he is highly sought after for many cases in New York because of his ability to handle these types of cases quickly and professionally.

What Is Ross Abelow’s Background?

Ross Abelow has practiced law for over 20 years. His specialties include family, matrimonial, litigation and commercial law. His undergraduate degree was acquired from NYU, and he went on to the Brooklyn School of Law. After he received his education, he began practicing law and developed his specialties garnering the experience that is rivaled by his competitors. In 19990, he opened his company that is called Abelow & Cassandro, Llp, and his practice has helped numerous clients with their legal needs.

In New York, people always recommend a good lawyer to other people when they need one. Since they hard to come by, once someone uses Ross Abelow for their legal needs, they recommend him highly to others that may need his assistance because of his experience, dedication and adherence to the Rules of Professional Conduct and his human approach to dealing with the people that require his assistance. He makes them feel comfortable so they can discuss in detail what their case is all about, and how he can defend them in a court of law in the best way possible.

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