Thor Halvorssen Provides Insight On The Election

It is easy to see why so many people are compelled by the ideals of socialism. After all, they are usually presented by pointed out a host of problems with a capitalist government. Issues of corruption and dishonesty and greed are often raised. These are legitimate problems that need to be confronted and dealt with. However, any government will have problems such as this. A capitalistic government is significantly more difficult for a greedy person to take advantage of, while a social government is very easy to take advantage of. This point was made by Thor Halvorssen in this video.


Political Prisoners

Since socialism makes it extremely easy for governments to take advantage of the citizens, it often leads to their taking of political prisoners for reasons that US citizens would think are unjust. Any passing glance at the history of socialism will lead one to this conclusion. Halvorssen and his family learned this the hard way. Members of his own family have been murdered by socialist governments. He currently has a cousin who is being kept as a political prisoner. This is more than a social issue for human rights activist and documentary film producer Halvorssen. It is a dire situation, and Americans cannot be unaware about the consequences of socialism.



There is a reason that the United States has always been so prosperous. The practice of free trade makes it possible for companies to compete with one another and to raise the prices at will. But when the government controls everything, poverty quickly follows. If a store cannot afford the prices that the government has mandated, they will go out of business. Manufacturers will not be able to produce their product. Poverty follows behind socialism. Thor Halvorssen pointed out that in socialistic governments, there are often food shortages for this reason.


The Lesser Evil

While he is deeply opposed to socialism as a model of government, Halvorssen is a Sanders supporter. That is because the other options in the election are far too treacherous. He objects that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be dangerous as world leaders.

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