Imran Haque Speaks to Ideamensch About His Contributions as an Internist

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Doctors play a very important role in the healthcare sector of any economy. Thanks to their services, we are guaranteed of a safer and healthier community amidst the many body complications. One doctor who has committed his services to improving the quality of healthcare in his community is Dr. Imran a renowned internist. Below are some of the facts we found out about the doctor according to a recent interview he had with Ideamensch.

So who is Dr. Imran Haque?

Dr. Imran Haque is an expert in internal medicine and currently practices this field of medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina. Internal medicine is a broader branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a number of diseases. Imran Haque is one of the most sort after internists we have in the country today.

What led Dr. Haque to establish Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro?

In addition to being an internist, Dr. Haque is the founder and proprietor of Horizon Internal Medicine a leading provider of internal Medicine in Asheboro. After graduating from medical school, Imran Haque was interned in a rural hospital that did not offer an opportunity to his community members. This situation made the industrious physician hang up his boots and embark on a journey of developing his community hence the birth of Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr. Imran Haque has been able to diligently grow his hospital through research and offering quality and satisfactory services to his patients.

What trend does Imran Haque fancy today?

Dr. Haque is one person who appreciates the influence technology has in the world today and more so in the medical sector .Thanks to patient and hospital system databases; Imran believes that technology has made the health care provision efficient since physicians have enough time to focus on their primary functions of treating patient as opposed to hospital management.

Besides being a doctor, Imran is a staunch philanthropist. Dr. Haque has helped his community on a number of charitable causes however he cautions people against being overly generous since at times people tend to take advantage of this generosity.

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