Wikipedia is Adjusting Their Site Practices

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Wikipedia editors have legitimate claims that they are unjustly being targeted for harassment. Claims are circling around that state Wikipedia administrators have been giving editors of the site a hard time by harshly judging citations and entries that are made to the site by other volunteer editors. Tech.Mic is a website that is giving volunteer editors of Wikipedia a voice.

Tech.Mic points out that the difficulties of moderating the Wikipedia site which has over 80,0000 volunteer contributors. Tech.Mic also points out that Wikipedia has a philosophy that embraces 5 pillars. Being respectful of editors, contributors and keeping open communication is one of the 5 pillars of Wikipedia page creation. The site also went on to say that it is going to be extremely difficult for a Wikipedia consultant to enforce these rules. The site also points out that some members are not adhering to the rules, and one editor that was banned for the site after being harassed over his writing entries for a Wikipedia page for company was actually contemplating suicide.

Other ethnic groups, such as Latinos, also have a bone to pick with the contribution based information site Wikipedia. Research has found that there is a huge demand for Latinos to make Wiki page. Their demographic is virtually nonexistent within the Wikipedia community. Latinos have made a point by stating that Caucasian individuals which write about subject pertaining to Latinos on Wikipedia most often do not provide clear and concise information about the subject matter. Wikipedia is looking into the issue and vows to come up with a solution that is beneficial to everyone who wants to make Wikipedia page.