Everything You Need to Know about Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts


The Lake Tahoe community has had it rough in the recent past. The draught that has struck most of California has not spared this community. The winter resorts have had to close up business for a while. The community’s primary source of income is the winter resorts. In addition to the lack of business, there has also been a major political fight going on.
The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the man behind this fight. The resort, which is one of the finest in North America, has spent thousands of dollars in the courts. Andy Wirth, who is the CEO of the resort, is a major opponent of incorporation. His argument has been that if Olympic Valley is incorporated, it could lead to higher taxes. As a result, this would reduce the community’s earnings.
However, there has been some relief for both sides of the divide in recent days. It has come in the form of early snowstorms. Also, the temperatures have dropped quite significantly. The effect has been that Squaw Valley Resort and other resorts in the area have opened quite early. It will undoubtedly lead to higher profits for everyone this season. Besides that, the backers of incorporation dropped from the fight for incorporation of Olympic Valley.
Backers of incorporation, however, were still a bit bitter. They claim Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., is simply afraid of answering to a town council. However, Andy Wirth argues that the Olympic Valley incorporation would have isolated Olympic Valley. It would have made it near impossible to pool resources with other north shore communities to solve regional issues. He also argues incorporation backers also spent nearly as much as Squaw Valley did.
With the incorporation effort dead, Wirth hopes everyone can work together. He hopes they can work to create better infrastructure by working with other communities.
About Andy Wirth
Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His hard work has turned the ski area into a top tourist destination globally. In addition, he participates in environmental and community improvement efforts. He has an interest in improving the lives of the people and the general area.
Andy Wirth is also quite philanthropic. He draws his inspiration from an event that changed his outlook on life. A few years ago, he survived a skydiving accident that almost killed him. He decided to cofound a team called “Wounded Warrior Support.” The aim of the organization is to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.
Andy Wirth hopes the Olympic Valley community can move on from their recent fight. He hopes that everyone recognizes the benefits of working together. By working together, it will be the perfect opportunity for healing.

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