Millions of Teachers Benefit from $31 Million Invested in ClassDojo Communication Platform

In the crowded space of education technology it can be easy to fade into the background with the seemingly endless flow of apps. One that not only has millions of teachers using it’s free service, but one that has raised over $31 million in venture capital to expand the communication connection between teachers, parents, and students. Class Dojo does differentiate itself from others in the ground-up change that they have committed to as a company. ClassDojo has made 100% free for teachers a trademark that will grow with the company when it is one day commercialized. In the meantime it is going far above and beyond in creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools.

In using the app it’s easy to see how a community is automatically formed between parents, their students and the teacher. Its collaborative nature allows the teachers to upload daily topics of what is being covered in class, and any assignments that may accompany those lessons. This way parents can know in real time if any changes to the schedule are made throughout the day. What’s more is they won’t have to come home to hear the pat answer to what you did in school and be told, “nothing.”

ClassDojo is made for sharing in that it works on any device like iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and any computer with internet. Yet they go to great lengths to back up the free to teacher’s motto with the insistence that they will never sell or monetize any of their user data. Co-founders Sam Chaudhary, acting CEO and Liam Don, CTO were able to gain the venture capital needed from investors General Catalyst, with new funders also being added in the latest round of series B funding were Reach Capital, GSV, and SignalFire. ClassDojo is located in San Francisco and its founders participated in the Imagine K12 accelerator program which is the education tech arm of the larger Y Combinator Accelerator.

Each child gets a representative and their childs good actions in a classroom are recognized during the day. Certainly there is always a need for more collaboration on behalf of students with parents and teachers, with ClassDojo, teachers have an easy way to keep their students’ parents informed and aware of their child’s progress and accomplishments throughout the day. Follow ClassDojo on Twitter to see keep up with news and events.

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