Bellamy’s Owner Brian Bonar Explains What It Takes For Greatness These Days

Brian Bonar, owner of San Diego-based Bellamy’s Restaurant makes it appear that mastering the restaurant business is easy. His path for greatness is certainly paved in gold. You’d think one would be crazy to open up a restaurant these days, among all the other competitive gems and over saturated expectations in San Diego, but Brian Bonar has a take-no-prisoners attitude. He has this brash optimism that ensures longevity, and according to a snapshot of sales, Bonar is a sensation.

So, What Does It Take For Greatness These Days?

According to Brian Bonar, greatness requires shrewdness, creativity and tenacity. Part of that scenario includes Bellamy’s chef, Patrick Ponsaty, who whips up modern cuisine with French influences. Signature dishes include Seared Foie Gras and Red Crab & Poached Shrimp Salad with Red Pepper Coulis, or Scottish Salmon, Chocolate Bisou, and the popular Bellamy’s Aioli and Blue Cheese Burger.. And the food is just part of the magic.

The revamped decor of the restaurant adds to the shine. It’s chic, colorful and inviting, and looks good without showing off. With more than 200 positive Yelp reviews, Bellamy’s is undoubtedly a rockstar restaurant.

Bonar took over the aging Escondido restaurant in 2014. Located in the Bandy Canyon tourist area, Bellamy’s now has an updated menu with a French flair, trendy décor with modern aesthetics, and a new hip wine list. A great add-on to this story is the nearby 144-acres Bonar is transforming into 4-star space. For right now, award-winning Bellamy’s has become a sensational hit.

The Man Behind Bellamy’s

Brian is a industry finance expert with more than 20 years of successful experience. After earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Engineering, he started a career at IBM as a procurement manager.

His vision and ability led him to move up the ranks and offer exceptional professional service at leading companies, including QMS, Rastek Corporation, and Adaptec. In 2008, Bonar founded Allegiant, then Dalrada Financial Services, and in 2011, Trucept.

Specializing in business process services and employee placement, Bonar has successfully helped companies complete recruiting strategies that strengthen operations and keep offices running smoothly.