Doe Deere is an Inspiration to Many

Leadership is not about ruling with an iron fist and leaving no room for mistakes. To Doe Deere, it is all about commanding respect among your subjects in a subtle way. Her leadership skills have helped her to create a peaceful environment in her beauty firm. According to her, beauty is all about what feels great at the moment. She guides her employees in every quest to impact positivism in people’s lives through cosmetics.

Doe Deere’s journey to success in an industry that is crowded did not come on a silver platter. She has to sweat for it. Her future began to take shape after she got several clients from her eBay account. At this time, she used to model herself to attract them. She traces her success back to her sewing days, which formed a crucial part of her inspiration to join the industry. She finally came up with a business idea that gave birth to Lime Crime in 2008.

Doe Deere’s typical day at work involves several activities. First, she goes to a quick meeting with her director to reflect and evaluate the performance of their products in the market. She then goes for a quick chat with the company’s President and Vice President. She acknowledges that sometimes she feels overwhelmed with the increased number of meetings. She also spends a lot of time on the phone while in the office to answer several business emails.

When asked how she comes up with mind-blowing products, Doe Deere says that she does this through inspiration. She often waits for such inspirations for months and years. Her intuitive understanding of her brand and market trends has always made her very productive as an entrepreneur.

Doe Deere encourages women to show their true self and explore whatever they want in the beauty industry. Her brand Lime Crime features beauty products that are considered by many as bold. The company’s products draw inspiration from live journal. The company started with a few eyelashes and brushes. With increased focus on e-commerce, Lime Crime gained popularity to become one of the best cosmetic companies in the United States. Lime Crime currently has local stores spread across the country. The company recently released a new chain of products to add to its already overflowing store. The company brags of several customers originating from different parts of the world.

Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, she grew up in New York City. Her childhood was full of creativity that revolved around beauty. She was never afraid to show the world her potential. She used to participate in several beauty contests.

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Doe Deere has been named as one of the top inspiring businesswomen in the country. Young women and men look up to her for inspiration. Doe Deere is available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.