Doe Deere living the American Dream

Doe Deere is an incredible success story that epitomizes the American dream. She was born in Russia and immigrated to New York City. She grew up with a passion for fashion; bold, vibrant fashion. As a child she was always experimenting with colors using paints, pencils, and her mothers cosmetics. As a young adult employment in the conventional workforce did not satisfy her artistic side. An administrative assistant at an insurance firm by day and a musician at night reflected the conflict between dreams and drudgery.

Creating her own clothing allowed her to express herself. She became frustrated with the lack of truly unique colors and textures in cosmetics. Seeing a need for radical hues that matched her style she created Unicorn Lipsticks. The beautiful, wild and vibrant colors packaged with a sparkling unicorn immediately struck a chord with the market.

Starting with an EBay store her enterprise blossomed; today the Unicorn Queen is a CEO. In 2008 she founded Lime Crime. As a newcomer to the industry Doe was certainly not constrained by convention. The traditional brick and mortar stores counted on customers physically handling the merchandise and experimenting at the makeup counter. With a keen understanding of her target audience she knew that internet savvy modern shoppers are a different breed. The conventional colors and traditional marketing techniques do not tap into the Unicorns of today. Lip swatches allowed customers to see how the product will look on lips with a few clicks of the mouse. The majority of Lime Crime products are sold via the internet, an innovation at the time but now is rapidly becoming the norm. Bold new colors matched by bold new marketing and distribution strategies allowed global distribution in minimal time.

With worldwide exposure and rapid success it would be easy for her to lose core values. She was featured in Self-Made magazine as one of the 50 Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. Despite the accolades, success and internet fame she remains passionate about expressing her self in a responsible manner. Lime Crime products are both vegan-friendly and cruelty free. Giving back to the community is important and Lime Crime donates to multiple charitable organizations that benefit women, children and animals.

An inspiration to immigrants, entrepreneurs Doe Deere advises “Stay true to your vision, no matter how odd it might be.” She is married to Mark, her bandmate, playmate, business and life partner.


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