Doe Deere Proves that You Can Achieve Your Dream

The ability and chance to express yourself is of every growing popularity in today’s modern age. People are becoming more open and accepting that the way they see the world is not how other’s see it. Due to this, the corporate world that tells people how to dress and how to look is starting shift. The companies that are thriving are basing products on what the consumer wants to look like, not what the companies want the consumers to buy.
Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line, has listened to consumers and their wants, and it making products for the ones who want to be heard loud and clear. This product line created make-up for the expressive and creative. With shades that seem inspired by every color in the rainbow, the boldness only stops with the buyer’s imagination. Bright and vibrant hues break the tradition of make-up that is worn to look natural. These products will scream out against boring beige and shy shades.

The founder of this company, Doe Deere, created this line because of her own desire for expression through cosmetics. Originally from Russia but brought into adulthood in New York City, she knows the minds of young women and what they want, globally. As a former musician, self expression was in her nature, it just took some imagination and entrepreneurial savvy to create a company that would show the women of the world that they can be bold with their make-up, hair, and clothes.

She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology after coming to America to be a musician. She met her husband in the band, and he constantly encourages her to go after her dreams.

Doe loves to express herself with clothes and make-up. Just as her emotions and life changes, so do her styles and hair color. From orange to pink to blue, her bold choices of hair are a reflection of how she feels. Doe feels that something like outward appearance should never be subdued because the trend of the culture is to have a neutral pallet. If you want to have vibrant purple lips and blazing orange hair, Doe not only thinks you should be able, but will encourage and provide you the means to do so.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime’s philosophy is to be bold and colorful, from deep red to shouting purple, express yourself.