Eric Pulier is a Brilliant Mind

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Technology is a vital part of the economy. People throughout the world depend on technology to get through their daily lives. At the beginning of each day, people check their phones for e-mail’s and messages, and at the end of the day they look into their messages. Without technology getting through daily life is almost impossible. While America is experiencing a major technology boom now, this boom is the result of years of work. The nineties helped pave the way for today’s technology boom, and several experts were vital to this boom. Eric Pulier is a major player in the world of technology, and he has played a role for two plus decades.

Eric grew up in New Jersey, and he always enjoyed technology. In fourth grade, Eric was already programming computers. When Eric got to high school, he was already running a computer database company. Eric was an excellent student, and he easily earned his spot at Harvard University.

Eric studied Literature at Harvard University, but he also attended classes at MIT while in school. By taking classes at both Harvard and MIT, Eric was able to get an extremely well-rounded education. When Eric finally graduated in 1988 he was extremely excited to make an impact on the world.

Eric worked in the private sector for a couple years, but in 1991 he was ready to start his own company. Eric moved to Los Angeles in the early nineties, and he immediately founded People Doing Things(PDT). PDT focused on solving societies issues by using technology. The company primarily focused on health care and education. PDT was extremely successful, and it put him on the map in the technology sphere.

Eric was widely considered an expert in technology throughout the nineties. He founded several other companies throughout the decade, and he also served on a presidential panel. Eric made a major impact throughout the decade, but today he works on the X-prize. He believes that money will help encourage innovators throughout the world.

Eric Pulier is a brilliant man, and he is constantly helping people throughout the world innovate.