James Dondero Makes a Major Hire

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James Dondero is one of the brightest names in the investment business. In the early nineties, James founded Highland Capital in Dallas, Texas. Throughout the nineties, James Dondero turned Highland Capital into a financial powerhouse. He helped create quality financial products, including CLOs, hedge funds, and other powerful financial products. Highland Capital customers were extremely excited by the money brought in by Highland. James is proud of his accomplishments, but now he wants to give back to the community that has given him so much.

The leadership at Highland Capital has always believed in giving back to the Dallas community. They give to museums throughout the Dallas area, and to prominent causes throughout Dallas. Highland’s giving has always been a big part of their business, but recently James realized that it was becoming unmanageable.

James knew that Highland needed an expert in civic giving on their team. James looked for someone that had a great knowledge of the Dallas area, and who was an expert at handling non-profits. James believes he has found the right candidate for Highland’s non-profit ventures.

Linda Owen was recently hired to be Highland’s charitable giving manager. Linda has a rich history of helping people throughout the Dallas area. She was president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. She has also helped several charities throughout the Dallas area reach their potential. Linda will work with The Dallas Foundation, and give Highland’s charitable giving strategic direction. She is extremely excited to be working with Highland.

Highland Capital gives more than three million dollars every year to various causes. They love giving to education, veterans’ causes, the presidential library, and health care. Highland especially appreciates seeing the results of their giving.

James is happy to give back to people throughout the Dallas area. He knows that America and Dallas have given him so much, and he wants Highland to help people. He is glad to hire Linda Owen. Linda offers a great deal of experience and talent to the Highland team. She knows that Highland has great potential to go back, and she is excited to get to work.