Kenneth Goodgame is Incredibly Successful

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Kenneth Goodgame is an extremely hardworking and successful man. He is widely seen as a rising name within the hardware sector. Kenneth knows that his success did not happen overnight. It took years of hard work for Kenneth to become the amazing business leader that he is today.

Kenneth started his career by going to the University of Tennessee. Kenneth received a degree in Marketing from the University, and after graduation, he started working at the Home Depot. Kenneth loved the idea of working at Home Depot because they were a major leader in the hardware market. The Home Depot put him in charge of indoor gardening purchasing for the Southern region as his first job. Kenneth excelled in this role, and he managed to grow sales by 20% year over year. By succeeding at his first job, Kenneth became a major target for promotion within the company. By the end of his eight years at the Home Depot, Kenneth had served in several different roles. Eventually, Kenneth became Senior Global Product Merchant, overseeing a major John Deere product launch line.

Kenneth’s success at the Home Depot launched his career into the stratosphere. Newell Rubbermaid made him a great offer, and he jumped at the opportunity. At Newell, he turned around a failing cleaning department and he eventually became a Senior Vice President. Kenneth has since made stops at Techtronic and Ace Hardware. He had a tremendous impact for each company during his time there.

Three years ago, Kenneth had an amazing opportunity to work for True Value Corporation. He serves as the Senior Vice President of the company. He oversees more than $2.2 billion in purchases every year. He also helped develop a five-year strategic plan that will help the company reach new heights. Kenneth loves helping the company turn around the failing sectors, and he knows that in time they will achieve unprecedented growth. Kenneth’s tenure with True Value has been well received.

Kenneth Goodgame is an extremely hardworking man. He loves helping companies turn their luck around, and he is proud of his accomplishments. Kenneth is a great target for recruiters.