Lime Crime Makeup Painting Pretty on Instagram

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The company name alone, is worth the curiosity about this global fan favorite of bold, crazy colored makeup.

Lime Crime is run by its founder and CEO with the equally unique name of Doe Deere. The Russian-born businesswoman who later moved to New York City with her family, is now realizing the fruits of her labor.

Doe Deere created her own makeup company in 2008, partly because she was discouraged that she couldn’t find fun, vibrant cosmetics anywhere. So, she began developing a special brand with highly pigmented shades, makeup that allowed young women and men everywhere to be fearless.

Blue lipstick or deep burgundy eye shadow are happy makeup that has now turned mainstream. For proof of this, all one needs to do is check out the numbers. Lime Crime makeup has just exceeded two million followers on Instagram.

Not bad for Doe Deere, who dared to dream large and make her wishes become a reality. It doesn’t hurt that the Lime Crime CEO is quite internet savvy, either. Doe Deere understands how supply and demand works and the rewards that the social media platform can bring to a company.

Lime Crime’s global fans enjoy posting individual and inspirational makeup selfies with their favorite, colorful palettes. They submit their creative artistry to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag ‘#limecrime.’ Engaging the community is a blast for Doe Deere and her makeup lovers, and it allows fans to see how these wild colors look on different skin tones and hair colors. Lime Crime on Instagram can be found at @limecrimemakeup.

Doe Deere is also pleased with the message her cult status brand is communicating, and that is, to be yourself. Experimenting with cosmetics is an ideal way to develop a unique idea about beauty and to boost self-esteem.

Lime Crime is a vegan-free and cruelty-free makeup e-commerce company that can be found here The brand is also sold at retailers like

Lime Crime makeup is full of radical colors like Squash and Black Velvet and a gorgeous Alien (green). This is modern makeup for the modern woman, cosmetics that think outside the box. Many competitors are now adding bold colors to their product line, trying to copy the Lime Crime brand. Even stars on the red carpet are showing off blue lipstick, a shade that Doe Deere introduced way before the others.

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