Luciana Lossio Takes The Helm Of The Criminal Court Of Brazil

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Luciana Lossio has worked in the Attorney General’s office of Brazil, spent time around the highest court of the land and ensured that justice is done every day. She has experience as a prosecutor, and she has spent time around different forms of civil litigation that make her uniquely-qualified for her new position. This article tells the story of a woman who has built her career around the work she has done since the day she started her law education.


#1: What Does The Job Entail?


The highest seat on the court is a job where Luciana rules on each new case to ensure it has been closed properly. She has taken steps to keep people in jail who belong there, and she has argued for those who have been accused of crimes they did not commit. She ensures the people who come to the court are heard, and she will balance the information that she hears when the cases are given.


#2: How Are Rulings Reached?


Luciana comes to a decision over each case given the information she has heard. She will allow a case to be shared before the court when there is room on the schedule, and she does not allow any case to miss the court’s notice. She will help schedule those who must be given their due diligence, and she will ensure every case that comes before the court is treated as though it is the most-important case in the history of the court.


#3: The Court Cases Are Varied


The varied court cases shown to Luciana are the fuel for her career, and she takes pride in ensuring the country has used the judicial system to find balance. Someone who does not have any hope will find a bit of hope in the court, and they will come to the court with a lawyer who has prepared for their case.


Someone who comes to the Brazilian high court will learn they may be given an opportunity that will release them from guilt or shame. Luciana Lossio uses her law career and experience to help lead the high court, and she will have quite a few years to shape her country into a place that is welcoming to everyone. She is not the only woman in power, but she is a woman who may help the country learn what a judge may do for the people.