Martin Lustgarten Raises Money For Florida Shelter Dogs

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Martin Lustgarten has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the Florida Little Dog Rescue project. He is trying to raise money for dogs that need to be saved from death row, and all the money from the page is going to go straight to that charity. It is a place that he feels strongly about because he wants to help people find dogs they will love, and he wants to save dogs who cannot help themselves.


It is also important for people to donate to his page any time they see it because he has a plea on the page for the dogs that he loves. He has a shelter dog of his own, and he wants other people to be able to get the dogs they need by having a place to search for them. The dog rescue he wants to give money to is going to help these dogs, and the rescue is going to make it easy for all these dogs to get into better homes.


The GoFundMe page is really simple for people to give to, and it is a place where people are going to feel comfortable giving their money. Giving on GoFundMe takes seconds, and it helps the charity that Martin Lustgarten is giving directly to. He has made a commitment to the shelter dogs in his area, and he wants to show that he can help everyone who is in need. He is an investor who has clients around the world who are trying to make money, and he is a concerned citizen who wants to work with people in Florida to save stray dogs.


Dogs get put in shelters on death row when they are picked up off the street, and Martin Lustgarten does not want to see them fall victim to the system. He wants to give all the money for his campaign to the Little Dog Rescue, and he wants to make sure they have enough resources. He is going to leave the page open as long as possible so that he can raise a lot of money for rescue dogs.

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