Mike Baur and his Swiss Startup factory gets a New Addition

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One of the people that founded Leonteq announced that he would be joining the Swiss Startup Factory. He comes in as an advisor to people who are interested in establishing their presence in the market. There have been others who have left the day to day finance business and joined a more promising outfit. Two years ago, Michael Hartweg gave up his role at Leonteq, and has since proceeded to even sell out his shares at the company. He is interested in coaching both owners and founders of companies that invest in the Fintech business.

The owner of the Swiss Startup is Mike Baur. He founded the company mainly because he wanted to support youthful entrepreneurs that had an interest in digital technology. The process of getting assimilated into the business will be gradual for the new addition, Hartweg. He will invest in the various setups that are found within the company. He is also supposed to pinpoint the investments that will be beneficial for other investors and help the investors through the process of developing their investments.

Another service that Baur and SSF will be rolling out in the near future is the accelerator program. This will be mainly focusing on the Fintech companies. These are all efforts that Baur is making to ensure that his company is the most productive and useful that it can be to the people that have invested in it.

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the founder and the current principal at the Swiss Startup factory. He has been working in the Swiss banking sector for more than two decades now. This has given him all the experience and skill that he needed before branching out and starting his own company. He has been in charge of the financing and raising funds that support the SSF

The SSF is an accelerator that was founded in 2014. It is based in Zurich and is always looking for startups that and digital entrepreneurs that are doing great in their fields of specialty. They provide the most exciting opportunities for their candidates, who come from the world over. The programs that have been put in place by Baur run for three months. during this time, the investor receives coaching, mentoring, a network of entrepreneurs and if needed even office space where the person can set up and start looking for ways to reach their goals. The business model has helped many get out of their way, overcome their insecurities and win at investing.