NuoDB Provides Top Level Online Database

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Finding a way to store your data securely is very important. Since the cost of paying for an excessive amount of server space is very expensive, it may be a better option to use a cloud-based system. For those that are looking to use the cloud, NuoDB could be a great option.

NuoDB is a cloud-based database provider that was established in 2008. The company, which is based out of Cambridge, MA, is one of the pioneers of the online database service. While the company has started with small roots, it has continued to grow over time. As they have attracted more and more users, they also were able to gain the interest of investors. In the year 2012, NuoDB was able to raise more than $12 million in venture capital. This capital was then used by the firm to grow and improve upon their existing technology.

NuoDB is now on its 8th overall release, and is in the third overall generation. The firm is continuing to prove that almost anything can be stored on the cloud as they have continued to introduce new capabilities. Furthermore, they have continued to enhance their security systems and are now considered one of the most secure online databases.