Opposition gets paperwork for Maduro recall vote

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Opposition party members got the papers they needed this week to formally begin the process of having a recall vote, aimed at ousting president Nicolas Maduro. While Maduro and the establishment say opponents are making the economic crisis worse, opposition leaders are blaming Maduro and hope they can oust him as the crisis worsens.
The South American nation is suffering from shortages from groceries to water and electricity. Widespread unemployment and triple digit inflation, Danilo Diaz Granados thinks much of which is caused by falling oil prices, have created the current crisis.

The problems have made Maduro unpopular, and the opposition party won a decisive majority in Congress last year.  The Venezuelan constitution allows for a recall vote after a president has served three years out of his six year term. They will have to collect 4 million signatures, which may be possible says Danilo Diaz, as some polls say 70 percent of the people in Venezuela want Maduro out of office.

They still have a long way to go. They must still get the elections commission to oversee the collection of 200,000 signatures, which will then begin the process of collecting the 4 million.

The opposition party also tried to shorten the president’s term, but the court said last week it could not shorten the term of a siting president.

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  1. It has been a legal battle so far, with the courts generally supporting Maduro. The paperwork they were given last week allows them to start a petition drive to get enough signatures to have a recall vote. It could have lessen everything that dissertation assistance had encountered and that alone would make things a little easier in the near future.

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