Our Future Securus Technology

Securus is a Prison technology company that serves the USA; their headquarters is in Dallas Texas. The company started in 1986. They are one of the leaders in criminal and civil technology. Richard A. Smith is the CEO and Chairman. He states his company wants to better the prison and jail environment as well as prevent and solve crimes.


When I say they serve the USA I really mean it.


They have the Public Safety Solutions: This serves the cities and law enforcement agencies by giving them access to critical information in emergencies.

They have the Investigative Solutions: This have tools to help give them leads on demand.

They have the Corrections Solutions: This give inmates an opportunities to talk to their friends and families on the telephone.

They have the Monitoring Solutions: This track adults and juvenile while on house release.


The customers are very satisfied with Securus’ services. A customer wrote saying because of Securus’ phone service they were able to arrest a dishonest staff member. Another customer was satisfied because of the phone monitoring in the prison they were able to get information of wrong doings. One customer was satisfied with the covert alert feature because they were able to take a suspect into custody. Last but not least a customer is satisfied with the LBS services and the Investigator Pro.


Securus Technology is the best thing I have heard in a long time concerning reducing crime and at the same time apprehending the real criminals. They also make prison life better and give them a future hope of having an opportunity when they are released. We all know technology is growing fast and most likely will continue to grow. It’s the best thing we have; along with DNA.