Martin Lustgarten Raises Money For Florida Shelter Dogs

Martin Lustgarten has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the Florida Little Dog Rescue project. He is trying to raise money for dogs that need to be saved from death row, and all the money from the page is going to go straight to that charity. It is a place that he feels strongly about because he wants to help people find dogs they will love, and he wants to save dogs who cannot help themselves.


It is also important for people to donate to his page any time they see it because he has a plea on the page for the dogs that he loves. He has a shelter dog of his own, and he wants other people to be able to get the dogs they need by having a place to search for them. The dog rescue he wants to give money to is going to help these dogs, and the rescue is going to make it easy for all these dogs to get into better homes.


The GoFundMe page is really simple for people to give to, and it is a place where people are going to feel comfortable giving their money. Giving on GoFundMe takes seconds, and it helps the charity that Martin Lustgarten is giving directly to. He has made a commitment to the shelter dogs in his area, and he wants to show that he can help everyone who is in need. He is an investor who has clients around the world who are trying to make money, and he is a concerned citizen who wants to work with people in Florida to save stray dogs.


Dogs get put in shelters on death row when they are picked up off the street, and Martin Lustgarten does not want to see them fall victim to the system. He wants to give all the money for his campaign to the Little Dog Rescue, and he wants to make sure they have enough resources. He is going to leave the page open as long as possible so that he can raise a lot of money for rescue dogs.

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Brian Bonar Wins An Award For Professional Networking

According to Modern Luxury, Brian Bonar runs Dalrada Financial Corporation, and he has recently won an award for professional networking. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and he was recognized for all the work that he has done connecting with people in his industry.

The connections that he makes in the business industry have been noticed, and he has helped people be successful because of those connections.

The first thing that some people want to know is what the business networking does for Brian Bonar and other people. He has helped a lot of people find jobs that they need, and he has worked out business relationships because of the networking that he has done.

He has won this award because he is the sort of person who is able to forge relationships and make them count. Brian Bonar has been working around the world in finance because he takes his industry seriously, and he has been lauded by people around him for the work that he does.

Equilar also published that he has been using his own instincts to bring people together because he is so extroverted, and he is also the kind of person who is going to help people come together if they cannot do it on their own. The business that Mr. Bonar runs helps make other businesses more efficient, and he is working with people he has met to help them be more efficient.

There are so many things that businesses can do to get more efficient, and it is important for them to make sure that they are going to be able to get the help that they need with their companies.

Mr. Bonar comes up with a plan for the company, and then he puts it into action. His networks bring in other people who can help, and it is that network that is being awarded. His own company would not be successful without his ability to network, and this award is something like a lifetime achievement award for all the work that he has put into building relationships – Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor.

There are a lot of people who are trying to learn how to network, and it is something that people are going to want to learn from if they want to get better at networking in their own right. Someone who wants to learn about networking should make sure that they start studying what it is that Brian Bonar has been doing.

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Dick Devos Early Like and Interests

Rising to become a successful businessman is no easy task, and it all depends on the investment decisions that one makes. A close look at the lives of billionaires who have had immense success in business, one will notice that most of them started from a humble beginning. One such person is Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos started having an interest in business from a young age. During school breaks and holidays, he would take a keen interest when managing the family business.


Dick DeVos was born on the 21st of October of 1955 in Grand, Michigan, the same place where he grew up. As DeVos and his brother grew up, they spent some time in the family owned business, Amway. This is where Dick DeVos got his management skills. One of their duties during the annual meeting of Amway was to welcome visitors and show them around. He attended Northwood University from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In his lifetime, he has received several honorary doctorate awards.


Apart from business activities, he is also involved in charity work.  The organization offers education scholarship to needy students in Michigan and has helped many achieve their education dreams. Some of the beneficiaries attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy because of the passion that Dick DeVos has for flying. Other charity activities are in healthcare. He has funded several healthcare programs with some of them being the $212 convention center, $90 million worth of funding to several medical schools, $130 of funding to a heart hospital among many others.


Dick DeVos participated in one of the competitions in the Junior Day at Melges 32 Gold Cup that took place at the Ft Lauderdale on the 13th February 2016. The first day was just a normal day. However, the second day was more spectacular with additional three races, one of which Dick DeVos participated in one of them. There was a showdown in one of the races that Dick DeVos participated. Dick DeVos was leading by one point with the current World Champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG coming in the second position. There was an altercation in the fifth race. The race got tougher and by the end of the day, DeVos finished fifth.


Event Planning Companies in New York

New York Event Planner DeJuan Stroud, known for his over-the-top parties and magnificent floral décor, is on a mission to provide you with beautiful floral inspirations. He has even worked with such clients as Jon Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. Big names like Trump expect to work with the best in the business, so DeJuan pushes himself creatively to be the best that he can be. DeJuan believes the key elements of a successful party include an exciting environment that makes people comfortable, good lighting, and something that will hold people’s attention. He also mentions that family style food service is increasingly becoming popular as well as varying up the types of seating at an event, such as round tables, long tables, and lounge seating. Simple flower arrangements featuring one type of flower are also popular.

DeJuan Stroud gets inspired by nature for his floral creations and table settings. There are so many different colors in nature that it is easy to choose colors that work well with each other and complement each other nicely. His love of flowers came about while he was gardening with his parents and grandmother. He knew right then that that is what he was passionate about. He gained the knowledge of flower arranging while working in a flower shop in high school. Soon, he began developing his own style and started his own business, which is located in New York City.

Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company based in New York City. At Twenty Three Layers, they offer one-of-a-kind celebrations that will knock other parties out of the park. Their services include catering, floral design, venue selection, lighting, photography, entertainment, branding, and custom printing. Jessica and Sarah, the team at Twenty Three Layers, is dedicated in providing a wonderful atmosphere that is unique and stylish while adding a personal touch as well. They have years of experience under their belt, so you don’t have to worry about being unhappy with the result. They are a sought after event planning company that people demand to have because of the amazing job they do. With creative and energetic minds, you will not be disappointed in your next event. Learn more about event planners from NYC.

Opposition gets paperwork for Maduro recall vote

Opposition party members got the papers they needed this week to formally begin the process of having a recall vote, aimed at ousting president Nicolas Maduro. While Maduro and the establishment say opponents are making the economic crisis worse, opposition leaders are blaming Maduro and hope they can oust him as the crisis worsens.
The South American nation is suffering from shortages from groceries to water and electricity. Widespread unemployment and triple digit inflation, Danilo Diaz Granados thinks much of which is caused by falling oil prices, have created the current crisis.

The problems have made Maduro unpopular, and the opposition party won a decisive majority in Congress last year.  The Venezuelan constitution allows for a recall vote after a president has served three years out of his six year term. They will have to collect 4 million signatures, which may be possible says Danilo Diaz, as some polls say 70 percent of the people in Venezuela want Maduro out of office.

They still have a long way to go. They must still get the elections commission to oversee the collection of 200,000 signatures, which will then begin the process of collecting the 4 million.

The opposition party also tried to shorten the president’s term, but the court said last week it could not shorten the term of a siting president.

Ross Abelow – A Cut Above The Rest

Confidentiality is extremely important when a person is in need of legal representation. For many people, it is very difficult for them to trust someone. They need to remember that the lawyer that they hire has to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Under these rules, they must seek complete confidentiality with the cases they take on. This includes information about their client. They are not able to divulge this information or they can be disbarred and unable to practice law anymore.

Ross Abelow’s Integrity

A New York lawyer named Ross Abelow is known for his integrity and dedication when he pursues a case. His specialties in the legal field include commercial and litigation law. He is also adept at family and matrimonial law. This means he is highly sought after for many cases in New York because of his ability to handle these types of cases quickly and professionally.

What Is Ross Abelow’s Background?

Ross Abelow has practiced law for over 20 years. His specialties include family, matrimonial, litigation and commercial law. His undergraduate degree was acquired from NYU, and he went on to the Brooklyn School of Law. After he received his education, he began practicing law and developed his specialties garnering the experience that is rivaled by his competitors. In 19990, he opened his company that is called Abelow & Cassandro, Llp, and his practice has helped numerous clients with their legal needs.

In New York, people always recommend a good lawyer to other people when they need one. Since they hard to come by, once someone uses Ross Abelow for their legal needs, they recommend him highly to others that may need his assistance because of his experience, dedication and adherence to the Rules of Professional Conduct and his human approach to dealing with the people that require his assistance. He makes them feel comfortable so they can discuss in detail what their case is all about, and how he can defend them in a court of law in the best way possible.

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Millions of Teachers Benefit from $31 Million Invested in ClassDojo Communication Platform

In the crowded space of education technology it can be easy to fade into the background with the seemingly endless flow of apps. One that not only has millions of teachers using it’s free service, but one that has raised over $31 million in venture capital to expand the communication connection between teachers, parents, and students. Class Dojo does differentiate itself from others in the ground-up change that they have committed to as a company. ClassDojo has made 100% free for teachers a trademark that will grow with the company when it is one day commercialized. In the meantime it is going far above and beyond in creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools.

In using the app it’s easy to see how a community is automatically formed between parents, their students and the teacher. Its collaborative nature allows the teachers to upload daily topics of what is being covered in class, and any assignments that may accompany those lessons. This way parents can know in real time if any changes to the schedule are made throughout the day. What’s more is they won’t have to come home to hear the pat answer to what you did in school and be told, “nothing.”

ClassDojo is made for sharing in that it works on any device like iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and any computer with internet. Yet they go to great lengths to back up the free to teacher’s motto with the insistence that they will never sell or monetize any of their user data. Co-founders Sam Chaudhary, acting CEO and Liam Don, CTO were able to gain the venture capital needed from investors General Catalyst, with new funders also being added in the latest round of series B funding were Reach Capital, GSV, and SignalFire. ClassDojo is located in San Francisco and its founders participated in the Imagine K12 accelerator program which is the education tech arm of the larger Y Combinator Accelerator.

Each child gets a representative and their childs good actions in a classroom are recognized during the day. Certainly there is always a need for more collaboration on behalf of students with parents and teachers, with ClassDojo, teachers have an easy way to keep their students’ parents informed and aware of their child’s progress and accomplishments throughout the day. Follow ClassDojo on Twitter to see keep up with news and events.

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Fabletics is More Than Just a Daytime Excursion

According to the official Wikipedia page, Fabletics is a fashion line created by Kate Hudson. It’s a line built for women who want something awesome and sexy but that don’t want to have to put out a lot of effort into what they wear. This is why fabletics is so perfect. It’s made from material that does not easily wrinkle.

So, you can accomplish several things. You can wear an athletic outfit to bring to the gym and bring another one for the after workout entertainment without whipping out an iron or having to stick it in a dryer. The next thing you can accomplish with her line is getting it to go directly into the night time. This stuff is so fantastic, it can go right into a date night. Basic colors is what it’s all about with Fabletics. Then, you mix and match with bold colors and you are off!

You don’t just Buy–you Subscribe

Yes, you heard right. In a Pinterest pin it was found that you don’t simply buy from the Kate Hudson Fabletics line–you subscribe to it. Yes, this is an ingenious method of sales. But, it’s also a really big plus for all her fans an the fans of the Fabletics line. Here’s how it works. You pay a specified amount for your membership.

You can choose between a standard or VIP membership. The first outfit is only $25 then all subsequent outfits are generally around $50 for a few great pieces. You pay a specified amount per month and if you think you have enough Fabletics, you can even skip a month but we doubt you will. It’s so affordable and so much fun why would you stop at only a few?

New Line for the Sun Shine

A new line for the sunshine is in. That means you get to enjoy a tropical and nautical and tribal influenced line of bold colors and styles. That’s right, and they are made with the same comfort and style as the main line with no need for a bra or spanx it’s a dream for what Kate refers to as the “lazy girl” fashion style.

Brazilian Banking and Igor Cornelsen

Information From A Retired Brazilian Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker who has experienced the Brazilian banking methods. It may be true to claim that the entire banking world has been puzzled over the oddity of the Brazilian banks. This puzzlement involves the end of the 2014 year. It is with much experience that Mr. Cornelsen on had the ability to speak intelligently about the basics of Brazilian banking. The Brazilian banking methods are of interest to many. This is because most banks will usually suffer right along with an economy that is troubled. It is true that Brazil had not experienced economic growth during the 2014 time frame, yet this country’s top two private banks had both experienced solid profit increases. Many have wondered how the Brazilian banks can ride out the turbulent economies while still coming ahead with a profit. Igor Cornelsen is an investment expert who had previously shared his knowledge about some of the top Brazilian bank methods. He has shared some intriguing nuggets of knowledge. His information about some of the Brazilian banking methods have been viewed in various credible articles. The bits and pieces of information have allowed many to gain insights into some of the Brazilian banking methods. The Brazilian banking methods, according to Igor Cornelsen, are not complicated.  A few of the Brazilian banking methods include:

* keep in mind that a new set of eyes and a fresh face may make a big impact and can turn create positive change
* they will watch China and pay attention to their biggest competitor
* they monitor their overvalued currency and avoid a rapid depreciation of the actual real value
* There are ten major players in the Brazilian banks

These are only a sample of the Brazilian banking methods on that have been revealed by Mr. Cornelsen. The Brazilian banks have found ways to streamline costs. They can look ahead with a sense of security. This is within the private sector. They will only lend to a borrower if they are worthy of the credit.

Igor Cornelsen is Informed About Investing

Mr. Igor Cornelsen is informed of investing and the Brazilian banking style. He is an experienced and credible individual who is aware that people everywhere would like to actually make more money. People have been led toward investing. Mr. Cornelsen offers much experience with the preparation of successful long investments. He has the ability to guide individuals through their portfolios. He can offer sound advice. He is known as a champion.

How to Fix a Tarnished Online Brand

Bad photos and other private information appearing online can ruin your public persona and/or brand if steps are not taken immediately to rectify the situation. The first step is to immediately take action by requesting that the photo be taken down by the website administrator. You may also decide to take legal action against the website administrator if your initial request is ignored. You should also fight negatives with positives. Increase positive content on your website or blog and make sure this positive content is the first thing that pops up on google by improving website SEO techniques. It is also a good idea to accept responsibility for the bad photo and let the public know that you are taking steps to fix the situation. You should also take steps toward making sure this doesn’t happen again. Learn from your mistakes and come up with better protection for your social media accounts and if needed, review your company’s privacy settings and make the changes necessary to prevent hacking.


Darius Fisher is the President, Co-founder and Digital Crisis expert of Status Labs.  He helps public figures, executives and politicians fix a public media crisis and help improve their social media presence.
Darius fixes major online scandals of high profile public figures but he also works with the everyday person. He speaks about online public perception and teaches us ways to improve our brand and improve our personal online privacy. Darius and Status Labs provides ways on improving your brand’s google search presence and why it is important to have a positive presence at the very first page of a google search. Visit his personal website to learn more.