Securus launches an Innovative Video Visitation Services

Many families are devastated by the news that their loved ones ending up serving time in prison or jails. This is even harder for couples who are married or even worse raising a kid. Traveling to and from jail for the family can be quite costly and a time-consuming affair.


Most kids with parents in prisons or jails are forced up to grow without the love or care of a parent. They only get to see their parents through visitations that sometimes are hard to arrange or make to. With Securus Technologies, visitation will never be the same again. The firm has introduced a transformed video visitation that will enable incarcerated parents to help their spouses with some of the parenting responsibilities.


Through the video visitation systems, incarcerated parents will be able to follow up on their children’s growth by being able to review the kids’ academic progress, such as being involved with their homework, and providing them with career guidance.



 Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of trying to make life a little better for those families through their communication services. In a recent demonstration through a video. Securus has displayed their latest innovation to the inmate communication industry.


They have launched a video visitation program that will enable inmates and their families to interact with each other. This will work like Skype. The inmate shall have both audio and video equipment at a booth provided by Securus and the person on the other end shall have audio and video equipment to facilitate communication


Through Securus, inmates shall now enjoy the technology of today and try to make up for the limited interactions with their families. Inmates who are parents will be able to take a role in the raising of their kids through scheduling video visitation and doing activities together.


A parent shall now be able to interact with their kids when they are doing things like homework or enjoying their birthday parties. Experts say that this will help in reuniting families who were divided by the member serving time.


Broken families are usually the roots of problems in the society. The breaking of families due to separation is expected to plummet because both parents shall be able to work to work together in shaping the life of their kids.


Securus is a Texas company that has been operational for more than forty years. Their services begun with calls services but the company has increased their catalog of services over the years to cover all aspects of modern society.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.