Securus Technologies’ Advocacy for Safety

Securus Technologies is an organization specializing in the providence of technology solutions regarding civil and criminal justice cases for the enhancement of public safety. Recently, Securus reviewed various comments to determine the impact of their services on correctional facilities and public safety. The detailed comments concerning the use of technology in the curbing of crime cases were generated from letters and emails. According to Richard Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO, the company augments new services and items that aid correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies to find solutions for the prevention of crime. I postulate that Securus Technologies inventories are designed to meet the evolving needs of the security department that are often expanding. Additionally, customer feedback regarding the quality and effectiveness of the services produced is the determinant for the next step in the advancement of security.


Monitoring calls in an aspect that Securus employs to prevent crime occurrence. The information monitored constituted of every aspect of an inmates’ details including the detainee’s alcohol use, access to cellular gadgets and money transfer details. Additionally, Securus Technologies has advanced its investigative tools thus giving staffs the opportunity to conduct investigations efficiently. In my opinion, Securus motives of crime prevention push the company to implement sophisticated devices that protect both the employees and inmates duly.


The Dallas-based profit prison technology firm was established in 1986. The organization’s operation is expanded and carries out activities in various states including Texas, Atlanta, and Allen. Besides operating in states, Securus Technologies’ impacts are recognized in different nations including Canada and the United States. I provide that with the expansion of a leading provider of technology to state jails and correctional facilities, the security sector will overtime experience positive transformation. Additionally, the company’s investments associating acquisition of patents and technologies is a contributor to minimizing crimes. In my opinion, Securus Technologies is a significant organization in the advocacy of safety matters.