Tony Petrello & Nabors Industries Helps Texans Fight Hurricane Harvey’s Aftermath

Some of the people of this country have certainly been through a lot in 2017, like those dealing the natural disasters that hit several states. Puerto Rico just got hit by a hurricane that left the state with no power. Texas was also hit with a hurricane, and it left many businesses and homeowners without a property. The hurricane flooded the streets and destroyed a lot. Moments like this is when the people of this country band together and help each other out. This helping hand and heart extends beyond people because even companies join in and help. A good example is Nabors Industries, who has helped the people of Houston get back on their feet in the midst of Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath.

There is a lot that tells members of a community that a company cares. Nabors Industries, under Tony Petrello’s guidance, has been showing how much it cares in a number of ways before Hurricane Harvey. The company donated money to complete community projects and participated in events to improve the community in some way. It has helped promote the city and the neighborhood, which only helps inject prosperity for those living in Houston and surrounding areas. This is something that Tony Petrello is proud of along with the members of the company, but the company was called to do even more after the hurricane hit.

One of the first things Tony Petrello allowed was paid leave for employees so they could volunteer freely in the state’s efforts to bring things back to normality. Most of the company’s employees were sent to the Gulf Coast where their drilling expertise was sorely needed. Others stayed behind to help cook large quantities of food in the company’s large on-site kitchen. This kitchen ended up feeding several Texans in their time of need. The people who visited this kitchen were able to eat three hot and nutritious meals each day.

Tony Petrello, Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, could not be happier to see all the good they did during these trying times. The company was in good company, too, since many other organizations were attempting to help like the Houston Food Bank. There is no doubt that some of those who benefited from Nabors Industries’ goodwill will not forget the company any time soon. It goes to show the world that it truly takes a village to care for each other, even when times get hard. Texans showed the world how it is done along with some of the other states who have pulled together to deal with some of their natural disasters.

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