Samuel Strauch on how Miami is dealing with flooding

One of the major environmental disasters to ever hit the city of Miami is the hurricane, Irma. South Florida is the area that was adversely affected by the hurricane. Major streets in the city of Miami were flooded in such a way they were unpassable. As a response to the disaster that was witnessed, the state of Florida decided to come up with measures that would ensure that such a disaster never happened ever again. Hurricane Irma left destruction worth billions of dollars. To address the problem of flooding in Miami, the authorities installed pumps that would be used to pump excess water in case a storm happened, and flooding of such huge magnitude was witnessed.

Hurricane Irma led to massive destruction of buildings and other structures in the area leading to a power outage that lasted for days. The hurricane also brought a lot of debris that hindered efforts to clean the city as well as recovery efforts. About 25% of buildings built in South Florida were brought down by the hurricane. About 90% of all buildings in the area suffered some sought of either water or wind damage. After the hurricane, the city embarked on clean up mission. They also had to come up with measures of rebuilding the city in a way that it would not face the same problems in future.

What followed after the hurricane was a comprehensive safety strategy that would keep the city safe in case of another such storm. One of the issues addressed was flooding. In low lying areas, it is easy for clean drinking water for home use to be contaminated. Floods are likely to bring along sewerage contents, agricultural and industrial waste among other contaminants. To solve this problem, the state decided to supply drinking water at a constant pressure using pumps. When there is a power outage in the area, and clean water cannot be supplied, every household is supposed to boil water before use.

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