The Life Of Investment Expert, Paul Mampilly

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An investment expert, Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager who has a proven track record. In the past, he successful managed to manage a hedge fund worth millions. He attributes the success that he has acquired in his profession to hard work and determination.

The career journey of Paul Mampilly started in 1991 when he went to work at the Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager. He also worked at ING and Deutsche Bank where he managed to hold various high profile positions. He was recruited in 2006 by the Kinetics Assets Management’s owner to serve as the hedge fund manager.

While working at Kinetics Assets Management, Paul Mampilly managed to grow the assets of the company to approximately $25 billion. Due to this high growth, it was named by Barron as the best hedge fund in the world. At the time that Paul Mampilly served in the company, it managed to make approximately 26% annual returns. Paul Mampilly participated in an investment competition at the time of the financial crisis that happened from 2008 to 2009 by the Templeton Foundation. Through his experience and expertise in hedge funds, he managed to turn this investment which was worth $50 million to approximately $88 million in a period of one year.

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Paul Mampilly made a decision to retire from the Wall Street after working there for a long period despite the many accomplishments he made while working there. After retirement, he dedicated his resources, knowledge and time in assisting the people in his community in acquiring good returns in their investments. Paul Mampilly went ahead to start a newsletter which is known as Profits Unlimited as well as Extreme Fortunes which were published first by the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. In a span of one year, Paul Mampilly has been able to make returns worth 47%. He has earned a reputation as a skilled and reliable investment expert who helps hedge funds in multiplying their profits.

Customer satisfaction is on the priority list in Paul Mampilly when it comes to serving his clients. Although investing comes with its lows and highs, Paul Mampilly believes that one can make good returns by investing wisely and working with the right hedge fund managers. He also helps other upcoming hedge fund managers by mentoring them and equipping them with the right skills that are needed for them to successfully grow hedge funds.