Wen By Chaz: Amazing Cleansing Conditioner

Infomercials on QVC of the hair care line, WEN Hair, have taken over the hair products advertising industry. The commercials entail a woman swaying their hair around giving any prospective consumer the assurance that the cleansing conditioner works magic.

The Wen hair cleansing conditioner is essentially a shampoo, detangler, conditioner, deep conditioner and styling treatment. WEN prides itself being suitable for any hair type. It promises that one’s hair would enjoy moisture, some bounce and shine when one uses it. WEN is acclaimed for being capable of transforming one’s look making them more confident.

WEN cleanses one’s hair thoroughly and there is an assurance that it won’t strip one of their natural hair oils. It is a combination of glycerin, chamomile extract that gives a calming effect, panthenol that is perfectly designed to strengthen hair, wild cherry bark and rosemary extract for conditioning and soothing hair respectively.

In http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened, a detailed explanation is given of how WEN cleansing conditioner worked for an individual’s thin hair for a period of seven days. When using Wen hair for the first time, one experience minimal hair falling as is often experienced while using other shampoos. The hair looks shiny and bouncy after a blow dry.

On day two the hair looked different. It wasn’t as usual though it was still greasy in the early mornings into the afternoon.

The hair roots looked bad and the hair was generally frizzy and greasy. The normal great results and awesome experience after using WEN was felt in day five.

Day six proved that to ensure clean looking hair one had to use it in the morning. The hair was no longer greasy and frizzy as it was before

On the seventh day, there was a noticeable quick fall of curls as was experienced on day six. Nevertheless, the hair looked great and boosted one’s confidence a lot. This goes a long way in reaffirming the benefits of using Sephora brand WEN Hair sweet mint almond cleansing conditioner.


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  1. The hair was a little less greasy and was oiler on day three, at the end of the day the hair looked shiny and healthy. Day four proved to be a bad hair day as no WEN was used in the morning. It is very cool that http://essaymama.net/ has outlined the feat for them to understand very well.

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